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Introduction: DIY Industrial Black Pipe Lamp With Touch Switch

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In this instructable you can see how to make industrial pipe lamp. You can change the design and make your own or you can replicate the one I made. The lamp is made with black pipe and edison bulb for cool industial look. The project can be built with minimal tools.

Step 1: Materials

Black pipe and fittings

Bulb Socket

Edison Bulb

Electric Wires


Black matte paint

220v Touch Switch

Copper wire

Few years ago I made a black pipe hanger for a DIY contest

Few days ago I decided to make a lamp that will look like it

I also used black pipe to build the lamp

You can easy change the design and make your own.

It is a fast and easy to build project and minimal tools are needed

Step 2: Production

I used rubber coating wire for more safety

I wrapped the ground wire around the bulb socket to make contact with the lamp body

Try not to turn the wire with the pipe parts when connecting them

Make a hole under the lamp for the electric wires

I added a touch on/off switch from aliexpress on the wire, the touch switch has 4 wires, one connected to the lamp metal body.



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    I couldn't help but notice that the pressure gauge on your lamp is in just about the right place for a clock!



    a 220v touch switch sounds a bit more dangerous in my head than it probably is :)

    1 reply

    It is not dangerous but if you wish you can use normal on/off switch