DIY Inexpensive Lightweight Tent Footprint





Introduction: DIY Inexpensive Lightweight Tent Footprint

For this project you will need some 6 mil plastic. You can find this in the hardware store, usually in the paint section near the drop cloth's and tarps.

You will also need a grommet kit. I used 3/8" grommets, but the size will depend on the diameter of your tent stakes. Get the smallest size that your tent stakes will fit into.

Finally you will need a pair of scissors that are sharp enough to cut the plastic. Regular household scissors should work just fine.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video explains all of the steps. It's really very simple, but effective.



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    This is a great idea! I just got a new tent that's a different size from the tarps I usually use. And I love that the grommets keep it from moving around, it's brilliant!

    I'm glad you like it! This plastic might not be as strong as a good tarp, but it's pretty inexpensive and it's easy to make a new one if you ever do rip through it. I used mine for the first time last weekend and it worked great!

    Also, you can replace the plastic sheet for a tarp if you prefer. You should still be able to install new grommets into the tarp that are just the right size.