DIY Insect Statues




Introduction: DIY Insect Statues

In my childhood I used to spend my days playing with insects , my mother told me that I could have fun looking for dead ones and collect them , until today I still like to do it , but I decided to make a new way to collect them so I hope you enjoy this instructable! :D ( I'm sorry because this idea sounds a bit macabre ) .

For this instructable you will need:

A small container;

Paper Clips;

A Needle;

( maybe ) A tweezer;


A correction Pen;

A craft knife;

A Cork;

And obviously dead insects.

( The number os Paper Clips and Corks depends on how many you want to do ).

Step 1: The "Stalk"

You'll need a piece of the Clip so use the Pliers do break it or you can just twist it until it breaks. The piece must measure at least 5cm .

Step 2: Insects

Choose an insect and make a hole on him with your needle. Then stick the piece of Clip on him

Step 3: The Statue

Use the pliers to take off the pointer of the correction pen and drain the liquid in the container .

Once you've done it , dive the insect and then let it dry before you land it .

Step 4: Close the Container

Make sure the container is well closed if you don't want this to happen ( especially if you are alone at home :P ).

Step 5: The Base

To make the base , cut a piece of Cork using the Craft Knife and then stick the statue insect on it , you can dive the Cork on the liquid too if you want it to be also white like the Statue .

Step 6: Finish!

And there you have your insects collection transformed into statues! :D

I hope you enjoyed this instructable , thank you! :)



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