Picture of DIY Instructables Necklace

In this instructable I will show you how to make an instructables robot necklace, this project can be completed in about an hour, and looks great when completed! this can also be added to your Halloween Costume

You will need :

-A small pieces of aluminum metal
-Coping saw
-Robot picture
-Permanent marker
-sand paper

Step 1: Make the Stencle

Picture of Make the Stencle
First print out the robot picture, cut it out and place it on the metal piece and trace it with a permanent marker, I made the robot into a sticker and left it on there for now but you can just trace it.
20eli2 years ago
I think that I cool do u wear it because I would :):):):)
black hole3 years ago
Fantastic job! I'm going to make one. Keep up the good work.
farzadbayan4 years ago
Very nice ! Your Instructables necklace is better than :

Good work !
it's not "better", just different. that other necklace was prolly his fist Ible...

This one is just another version if you will on the same thing.
hvargas4 years ago
just a random question im kind of a noob at this but... where do you get this aluminum metal?
Emsaid (author)  hvargas4 years ago
oh I shoulda put that in there sorry! i got it from home depot you can also just find an aluminum ruler or yard stick, they work great!
hvargas Emsaid4 years ago
Wasagi4 years ago
I like it! Really pretty!
mdog934 years ago
the "necklace thingy" is called a jump ring which can then be threaded onto leather cord or "thong"/"thonging" to use its proper name :)
Emsaid (author)  mdog934 years ago
oh, thanks!
mdog93 Emsaid4 years ago
no probs
muriahgorde4 years ago
Wow, I love the idea! Thanks.
chndt20084 years ago
very good!
Kryptonite4 years ago
Nice job with the Xacto knife, looks brilliant!
instruct394 years ago
great job!
Great necklace..
I think if you acid etch the details, it would look a lot better then using a x-acto knife.
Keep up the great work, though..

Acid etching
Emsaid (author)  Greasetattoo4 years ago
yeah it might but i dont have acid, and also it does look better in real life, the picture makes it look kinda faded out