D.I.Y. Iron Man Arc Reactor


Introduction: D.I.Y. Iron Man Arc Reactor

About: I enjoy hacking, programing, building movie props, and I do my best to make everything free and if not cheap.

This is a very inexpensive and very fun, cool, and just awesome build so lets see what we will need to become Tony Stark A.K.A Iron Man

Step 1: Getting the Main Body Built

First acquire these 2 parts out of and old or new stepper motor(can be found in old VHS players).(first photo).
Then drill the seven holes you will see in the second photo.
Then proceed to gluing the two pieces together.(Third photo).

Step 2: The Wireing

Now that we have the main body built we can proceed to soldering. You are going the need seven leds for this next part. Solder the seven leds in a parallel form. IF you are unfamiliar with this term you can Google it to find out more about it. I covered all the bare ends in hot glue then glue them in the holes we drilled earlier. Then I pressed them down flat . Next add a length of wire and a nine volt style battery clip for easy attachment of a battery pack. Plug in some voltage(I recommend about 3-6 volts of power) and make sure all of the  leds light up how you wish for them to light up.

Step 3: Making the Finishing Touches

Now to make this look nicer we are going to add some instamoph, which is a mold-able plastic that can be shaped into anything then hardens like a rock. Give the back of the reactor a rather thick coat to ensure security. then allow a few minutes to harden.

Also if you wish to purchase instamorph it can be bought at www.amazon.com at this link:

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here is the final product.

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    5hockwave2 can you see the picture I added of your project?

    Here it is! In it's glory! The iron man reactor!

    13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg13, 4:32 PM.jpg

    Sorry, I was reading this on my phone and the words were cut off. Never mind! This is awesme

    1 reply

    thanks if you build it post a pic of it as a comment so that i and others can see it :D

    What is the full list of parts you used all that I found was the VCR thing. Why did you drill through the part? Couldn't you just place it on top?

    1 reply

    Very simple and straight forward....I like it.

    1 reply