This is a very inexpensive and very fun, cool, and just awesome build so lets see what we will need to become Tony Stark A.K.A Iron Man

Step 1: Getting the Main Body Built

First acquire these 2 parts out of and old or new stepper motor(can be found in old VHS players).(first photo).
Then drill the seven holes you will see in the second photo.
Then proceed to gluing the two pieces together.(Third photo).
nice it looks great
5hockwave2 can you see the picture I added of your project?
Here it is! In it's glory! The iron man reactor!
Sorry, I was reading this on my phone and the words were cut off. Never mind! This is awesme
thanks if you build it post a pic of it as a comment so that i and others can see it :D <br>
The lights?
What is the full list of parts you used all that I found was the VCR thing. Why did you drill through the part? Couldn't you just place it on top?
Place What on top? <br>
Very simple and straight forward....I like it. <br>
thanks <br>

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Bio: I enjoy hacking, programing, building movie props, and I do my best to make everything free and if not cheap.
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