Picture of DIY J1772 EVSE
To begin with this is not for the feint of heart as you will be working with 220V at possibly as much as 80A. That being said, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU ELECTROCUTING YOURSELF. If you don't have experience with High Voltage/High Current I'd advise you not to even attempt this. (Dire warning, I know. BUT I don't want to hear about anyone earning themselves a Darwin Award for attempting this. There is too many of those these days resulting from copper theft.) 

>>>I take no responsibility for you "bricking" your car for your not wiring things properly. <<<

Designing an EVSE, or charger as some say, is a great learning experience as well as having control of the form factor make it well worth the time and trouble to make one.


I also assume that you know how to work safely, and how to wire things in reference to a schematic.
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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

What you will need:
J1772 EVSE control board - Open EVSE project (should be in Google Code, and they have great diagrams for EVSEs.)
J1772 Plug & Cord assembly - TucsonEV
Contactor/Relay/SSR - Electrical Supply
Box - Home Depot
12v PSU - Electronics Shop
Strain Relief for J1772 cable assembly - Electrical Supply
CR Magnetics 8420-1000-G - DigiKey
Heat-shrink tubing - Electronics Shop

Volt Meter
Electrical Tape
Knife/stripping tool
Diagonal Cutters
Micro Torch/Heat Gun

Step 2: A little Background

Picture of A little Background
From Wikipedia: SAE J1772

SAE J1772 is a North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles maintained by the Society of Automotive Engineers and has the formal title "SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J1772, SAE Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler”.[1] It covers the general physical, electrical, communication protocol, and performance requirements for the electric vehicle conductive charge system and coupler. The intent is to define a common electric vehicle conductive charging system architecture including operational requirements and the functional and dimensional requirements for the vehicle inlet and mating connector.
moshe.cal5 days ago

New kits from MEMTEC ltd (

2 charging currents 16/10 Amp switch selected. Very small electronic box (130x80x70 cm)

tfcm2 months ago

Sounds good.... I was just wondering what this would cost to construct?