A few years ago one of our neighbors had a few jack-o’-lanterns in spirit of halloween. Like everyone he used candles to light them up and give them that original halloween glow! One pumpkin actually caused a few dry leaves to catch fire. Thankfully it wasn't anything major and no one was hurt and because of that it led me to go searching in some alternative methods. I found an easy way to give jack-o’-lanterns a great glow without the risk of a fire. Now it is rare that one will cause a fire but it does run a small risk. Also using this small and easy method you can keep your pumpkin lit up all night and never have to worry! Peace of mind is always a good thing :). If you want to learn how to make your jack-o’-lanterns glow with original halloween fear and ease and peace of mind then let me borrow a few minutes of your time and show you how simple it is :)


Okay lets get started!


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Step 1: Things Needed

Now this small build will require some soldering. But nothing to complex. so it should'nt be too hard.

You will need;

 1-glass jar

1- spdt switch (optional if you only use one power source)

1- 9volt battery clip and battery (allows you to power your pumkin away from an outlet)

1- ac-dc 12 volt power supply (optional)

1- set of led strips. Color is up to you :) one small strip had four sets of 3 leds.


you will also need some good wire clippers, soldering iron, solder, Hot glue, wire strippers and some wire. 

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