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Introduction: DIY Jell-O Lip Gloss

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I never thought making lip gloss at home is very simple and fun. You will need only 2 ingredients to make it. Adding jell-o fruit mix, gives nice color and flavor. I just love it. These homemade lip gloss would be great gift option for your friends and relatives. I hope you will try this simple diy. Thank you.

Step 1: Things Required

Vaselin Petroleum Jelly

Jell-O fruit mix ( any flavor of your choice )

Gel food color (optional)


Pyrex glass measuring cup


Container with its lid

Step 2: Melt Jelly and Mix Jell-o

Take some amount of petroleum jelly in measuring cup. ( if you are adding gel food color, add that too )

Heat water in large pan, place the measuring cup resting inside. Gently, mix the vaseline using skewer over low heat.

Once it completely melted, add in jell-o mix and keep stirring until it dissolve fully.

Step 3: Pour and Set

Once it dissolved, carefully remove the measuring cup from stove (use your mittens to take out the cup, it ll be very hot)

Pour into the container and let it allow to set for sometime.

That's all! Homemade flavorful lip gloss is ready.

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    Congrats on being finalist

    congrats on becoming a finalist in the hair and makeup contest <3

    nice tutorial, I am also entered into the beauty contest as a finalist! Good luck to you, hope you get an awesome prize!

    Voted this is genus I'll be sure to try it myself hope you win :D

    this is a great idea I will try it

    I love this D.I.Y!!! Really creative creation... My lips are really sensitive with lip balm, but this lip balm makes my lips very smooth! ????

    Thanks for voting :)

    Great idea. I never would have thought of it. Do you think it would work with other types of oil, like coconut oil? Or does it have to be Vaseline?

    4 replies

    Thank you for liking it :)
    I am not sure about coconut oil. Crisco will work. Have to try that too.

    I was actually thinking about Crisco! It's a lot less expensive than coconut oil, and I already have some. Maybe I'll give it a try. I just don't really like using Vaseline on my lips.

    Thanks for the tip. And I voted for you. :)

    Thank you so much :)

    coconut oil would help too.. it definitely can be used.

    This seems like a fun and creative thing to do with friends or as a party favor. I will definitely try it.

    1 reply

    Thank you :) yes, it's fun and party favor is great idea.