Step 7: Scarring

So right here i have to apologize because i went out of order (when i did the makeup) so do this step before the previous without the spray (if you did the steps exactly in order don't fret you'll still be fine)

Take a good amount of scar  tissue wax and roll into a worm about and a 1/4 inch wide.

If you whited your face before the wax part just wipe of area to be applied with damp paper towel and dry thoroughly, if not you can ignore this step.

*note: leave about a cm. distance between the scar and the edge of your lips

brush a line of spirit gum on the spot where the slug of wax will be put

immediately following applying the spirit gum put the wax slug on and press to cheek making sure to leave highest point lengthwise of the slug on center line of itself (like an elongated pyramidish) see pics it'll make more sense

blend into skin as shown still mostly keeping the pyramidish shape(i have several different techniques that i used)
*the scar tissue wax is a little sticky that's why i have the comb to help

once blended how you like it DO STEP 6 the base coating so you don't have to go back like i did and unnecessarily retrace your steps and reapply the hairspray to cover the scars and make them blend with my skin completely

you can now remove the duct tape and reveal the seamless finish it left(it's not seamless in the movie but i thought it looks better like this) oh and don't forget you can remove unwanted areas of the hairspray with a damp paper towel or cloth

*tip: remember the scars on ledger are not symmetrical and you can shape them as to how you want them and what you think will look best

<p>About how long did this take to do? How many tries did it take?</p>
Good tutorial, but..... why so serious?
Some advice, one I would have cut the wig a bit shorter, two for the scars and lips, cheap lipstick would suffice and would be easier to apply. I did like the scars though &quot;Lets put a smile on your face&quot;.
<p>Where would i find the best wig?</p>
Great costume!! I've been looking for a purple jacket, pants, etc for a while and haven't found them. I don't want to buy an expensive premade costume. One day, I will be the Joker, too!! Yours is awesome!
Wats ur bro supposed to be
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it
creepy...I LOVE IT!
Me was joker:)
You could use clown white face paint (Ben Nye brand is theater quality, that's the brand I use for painting up) instead of hairspray which might not be good for your skin. As you sweat it will wear off in the same manner that Joker's paint wore off in the movie, or if you don't want that effect then set it with a white talcum powder; Ben Nye makes one specifically for white. Also then you wouldn't end up with hairspray on your ears or in your mouth. <br><br>A big tub of paint runs around 8 to 11 dollars, or a smaller color wheel with white, red, and black runs around 7.50 at Halloween stores. BN also has brushes or you could use a clean paint brush meant for oil paints, makeup sponge, or clean fingers.
you look awfully feminine in this picture. ;)<br><br>thanks for the ible!
I think it is a picture from the internet. Rarely do you see a perfectly black background on Instructables
I think he was being sarcastic. Hehehehe
It wasn't really a reply, more of a comment on the same sort of subject, so I made it a reply anyway
Ok, well I was joking anyway.
Yup. What I meant was that even if it were someone else, it would not have been taken by Bourne11. Anyway there are a lot of jokes you could pull out of this picture in context. Lol
What I meant was that it was really obvious the photo was not his.
Betta dress yo'self before ya mess yo'self!
Might do this
haha i look so different don't I ;)
why is the joker wearing a bat man belt?
hes jealous that he doesnt have an awesome logo like batman
that would be awesome, a joker lego man
Legos? or Logo?
i read it wrong, but either would be good
okay haha
Ow. Ow. A hundred times, ow. Masking tape of the sort you'd use on the baseboards of your livingroom prior to painting will sting a LOT less on removal next time. Duct tape hurts!<br><br>Great end-result, though.
Hahaha it only hurts if you have hair that might get pulled and masking tape doesn't stick long enough because of the oils on your skin
well, your methods are really strange. Never the less, you pulled it off well. There are much better ways though.
This is definitely one of the better joker remakes I have seen...looks good =)
Very cool! hahahaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaa!
why so serious?
That sure does look like him.

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