DIY Kayak Led Lights





Introduction: DIY Kayak Led Lights

It's very easy to do this.

Item's needed

Hot glue gun

Waterproof led strip from ebay

12v 6800ah lithium battery

The project cost's $40 total.

Step 1: The Led Strip

The led strip has a sticky backing to it already, You can peel and place this into the bottom channel of the kayak, fits perfectly till you get to the nose part. I used hot glue every 3 inches to make sure the water or heat would not make the led strip fall off.

Step 2: Power and Testing the Lights Out

Here you'll see where the battery goes in, and you can see how it lights up around the area of the kayak.

Thanks for watching!

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Love this, once I get back to kayaking, this will be at the top of my list to do. With Red and Green and White LED's this would be a great way to be seen on some busier lakes around dusk.

Correct navigation lights are required when sailing at night. Other than that a great setup! Will be very useful when night fishing... Thank you for posting!


Good Instructable! You can probally do this with some neopixels and an Arduino to create effects on the watwr!

It would drive the fish crazy lol. I wonder if you could get lights strong enough inside the hull to make it glow but I bet it's fairly thick.

not sure but you can get the led lights in multiple strands of color even!

nice idea but i think a red, green and white setup would be more conventional

I agree and I know that this is the colors for official boating. Conventional maybe, but where Im going, no boats are on or in those waters. rarely you'll see another kayaker.

Thanks this is awesome information! I am going to do this for sure!!

That looks really cool. Can you see down into the water at all with the lights?

Yeah, I'll get a video up soon when I find clear water. The river I was in is very muddy.