I've been kayaking for a few years now and enjoy it quite a bit, but sometimes (especially while I'm fishing) I don't feel like paddling.  There are plenty of kayaks out there that are setup for trolling motors but they usually cost a pretty penny so I decided to outfit my humble yak board with a removable trolling motor setup.

Step 1: What You Need.

Here are the materials I used but they are by no means the only supplies that would get the job done.

YAK Board
Everstart 24 series Marine Battery
Plastic Battery box
Minn Kota® Endura™ 30 Transom-Mount Motor
60 AMP Minn Kota Water Proof Circuit Breaker
2 1/4x3" toggle bolts

I already had the Yak board which runs about $300 and all the other materials were about $200.
$500 isn't bad considering yaks designed for this run at least $1500.

Just a note to anyone who does this. Check your State's laws on small water craft. I know in California any vessel with a motor has to be registered no matter what size.
Indeed; <a href="http://www.ehow.com/list_6899727_pennsylvania-allow-gas-motor-boats.html">and some states even limit where</a> you can take a motorized craft, even if it IS registered/licensed etc.
The rule is the same in Michigan, a motorized craft has to be registered. It shouldn't be a show-stopper though, registration only costs $30 for 3 years.
I love it. Me finding this site, 1 week too late. I passed on a $25 good trawling motor because I never had a use for one. Now I would have. I am going to keep my eyes open for another one. Such a great idea and so simple too.<br> <br>Thanks for the remind guys about the boating rules. I forgot I will now need numbers for my boat, not just the launch permit, if I install a motor. Government or Mafia... same thing, needs their cut.

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