A while back I had the fun opportunity to build a Kid size Mushroom Table and Toad Stools set for one of my clients.  She had found something similar online but it wasn’t quite right, kind of expensive and she still had to ship it.  This is my take on the stools and tables available out there.  I do not imply my design is completely original.  This is simply my version.  I apologize as I have misplaced my original sketch with the dimensions. (UPDATED!  I found my original sketch!  See below for correct dimension!)  I have lots of reference pictures from each step.  I will attempt to guess at the dimensions.  The shape and use allows for a lot of design flexibility.  Adapt it any way you see fit!
Safety first!   Protect your eyes, ears, wear gloves, and wear a filter mask.  Wear a cup if you need it!  Always work safe.  Don’t rush! 

Things you will need:

¾” Plywood ( I had lots of small pieces from other projects I was able to use)
Wood Screws
Spackling and Caulk
Water base Poly
Compass or something to trace to make the circles
Jig Saw
Circular Saw
Pocket hole jig

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1

(Updated! Please reference design sketch on first page for correct dimensions!) I remember that the stools were approx. 13” tall and 12” across.  I started by Cutting nice and square pieces 12 ¼” tall for the base.  For my project I wanted the mushrooms to look chunky so I doubled the thickness.  You need two of every piece.  I cut them nice and square initially so they wouls sit level on the floor and the top would be level when the seat was attached.  The sides were less important.  In face I wanted them to have a more natural random shape.  Once I had my first board cut, I hand sketched the shape I thought would look nice for the sides of the mushroom.   I cut the sides off with my jigsaw.  I then used that as a template for all the other  pieces.  You need 16 total. 
The table followed the same general pattern.  It was just larger.  I believe it was approx. 22” tall and the top approx. the same.
Once all the halves are cut, I simple slathered them with glue and used wood screws to piece them together.  Don’t place any screws in the direct middle (I’ll explain later.
The top of each stool was made in a similar fashion.  I used a compass to draw the 12” circle for each piece and cut them out with a jig saw.  You need eight total.  Once the circles are all cut glue and screw all two halves together. 
For the table my compass was too small.  I finally settled on tracing a trash can base  After that the steps are the same as above.
Wow that's a great set, love it!!
That's so cool!
Those look great, nicely done! <br>

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