I'm really nervous about this because this is the second time that I am writing a knitting pattern. I will try to be as descriptive wherever I can.

For more advanced knitters, you simply need the chart and insert the face into your favourite beanie pattern. But for knitters who've only just begun to learn how to knit, I've got the pattern written out for you :)

Please be kind to me. If you find any errors, just email me!

Step 1: Specifications

Needles: 3.00 / 3.50mm DPNs
Yarn: 1 ball of 8 ply white acrylic yarn (MC), 1 ball of 8 ply black 100% wool yarn (CC)
Gauge: What? I don't have time to do swatches. I am an average knitter; I don't knit too tightly or loosely.
Size: It fits my head loosely, which measures about 52cm with the tape across the middle of my forehead. I like a loose beanie because my face/head looks weird in one that fits snugly.
Please help... What would the measurements for a cchildbe?
I will pay someone to make me one.
<p>omg this hat is SO cute!!!!! :)</p>
How many dpns did I use and what size
hello i love your panda hat!! :D but i have a problem, i only know how to knit in 2 knitting needles, well that's all i have, so is it possible to do this with what i have and can you teach me? :D thanks :DD
I found casting 152 stitches was too big so I casted only 100 stitches. Then when I began knitting the 1st row I realized that it cannot be (K1, P1). It has to be (K2, P2) in order to get that ribbed edge pattern. Another problem I have is that by knitting every row you don't get the same knitted pattern like you do (stocknette stitch). Also, I saw you are using 3 knitting needles. Does that mean I could have used a circular needle too? Has anyone else encountered these problems? Please let me know..I have so many requests for Christmas this year. <br> <br>Thanks!
Hi, I'm sorry that this reply is a little late. <br> <br>Like I mentioned, I like hats that are not snug, so that's why I casted a couple more stitches on. I gave a reference of my head circumference, so I hope that you can make adjustments as necessary. <br> <br>This hat is knitted bottom-up. I used DPNs and that's why I was able to achieve the stockinette stitch by simply knitting every round. You can use circular needles, but that means that you will have to change needles when you start decreasing at the top. I think DPNs will be more convenient than circular needles. <br> <br>Hope this helps! :)
how many stitches do you cast on? :)
152 stitches. :)
Its so cute!!!!!! My heads a bit bigger than yours, so do you think I can add extra stitches to the pattern and it'll still turn out okay? Or will I totally ravage the pattern by doing so?<br><br>:P lol, bear with me, still kind of new
yikes... sorry about the tardy reply!!! erm... well it'll def be ok if u add extra stitches! have u knitted a hat before? but then u need to make calculations of the decreasing stitches... as in when and how much to dec. if not... u can still TRY what i have... <br><br>like i said (in my blog post, i think), the hat is pretty loose on my head. do u like a snug or loose fit?
That's all right. I just went ahead and did the hat with extra stitches, because snug hats look a bit funny on me too :) happy to say it turned out wonderfully. I also added detachable ears so if the pompoms become a bit to much, I can switch to some flatter ones I crocheted. :D Thanks for the pattern!
OOOOOH! love this! And im sure the Giants fans out here in SF would totally dig this for the games as the Panda is the unofficial second mascot for the team.
yikes. i had to google to find out what that was!!! :P
I love how the face is so simple but expressive of what it is. It looks great in the distance photos of you with it on too. Great work.
thank you! :D
I love pandas!
me too!
My first thought was that it look just like the hat that the artist 'Gold Panda' wears.
WOW! thanks for sharing this! ;)
So cute!

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