When the ice melts from the first burst of spring, the hockey fun doesn’t have to stop. Take hockey inside with DIY Knock Hockey, a wood table-top game which makes for hours and hours of fun.

DIY Knock Hockety

This tutorial utilizes a table saw to create the necessary rabbets and miter joints. These are great intermediate table saw skills to learn, practice and utilize in your work flow. Strong, clean joinery really sets your project apart from the pack. While kid-focused, this project isn’t really designed to be made with young maker help.


I use this game to help teach basic concepts of physics, such as momentum, rebound angles, and friction. Game play teaches turn-taking and sportsmanship. Lastly, the rules are incredibly simple…but “house” rules unleash cooperative play and teach fairness.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

DIY Knock Hockey


  • 16” x 24”x1/4” thickness MDF or plywood
  • 1”x6”x6’ Pine, No. 2 Common
  • 1 1/4” Dowel (the kind coat hangers are made of)
  • about a 1’x1’ section of 1/2” plywood, as high quality as you can get.


  • Table Saw with Combo Blade
  • Miter Saw
  • Dado Stack
  • Digital Angle Gauge
  • Pin Nailer & Air Compressor
  • Drill with Small Brad Point Bit
  • Scroll Saw

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