Picture of DIY: Knotted Double-Layered Scarf from XL Men's tee
I got the XL Men’s tee from a discount store for just $2. The scarf was inspired by the Knotted Loop Scarf by Country Road. It costs 69.95AUD! (-_-x)

Materials required:
1 XL tee
A pair of scissors
Sewing tools (either a sewing machine for a quickie or needle and thread if you want to do hand sewing!)

Step 1: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut your tee according to the picture. A and B should be about the same width and C is from the sleeves.

One tee will yield 2 As, 2 Bs (the second one is underneath), 2 Cs and 1 D.
Owlgirl3 years ago
Wow... people are soooo creative!
Annix153 years ago
This is really cool! 4*
read that about 10 times and i think i finally understand :) can't wait to try!
gwenstella (author)  daisiestodumptrucks3 years ago
i am so sorry! i know the instructions aren't that easy to follow because of my bad writing!
Great work, both at making the scarf and at saving all that money! I'm sure I have some t-shirts around I could use - ones that I don't wear anymore but the fabric's too nice to use as a rag just yet.... must go check the cupboards!!
gwenstella (author)  DaveySprocket3 years ago
would love to see how the scarf looks when it's made with fabric in funky prints! :D
T-Rave4 years ago
Just got done with the first 2 I am gifting. Got a few more colors coming as well.
gwenstella (author)  T-Rave3 years ago
the colours look fab! i'd totally wear BOTH the pink and black scarves together at the same time! :D
kjclarke4 years ago
this scarf is awesome
This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing.
T-Rave4 years ago
Looks like I have a last minute project for xmas gifts for my female friends. Great work!
lrzgirl1234 years ago
that is a really cute scarf!!! it would make great xmas gifts !!!!
gwenstella (author)  lrzgirl1234 years ago
thank you! :)