DIY: Knotted Double-Layered Scarf from XL Men's tee

Picture of DIY: Knotted Double-Layered Scarf from XL Men's tee
I got the XL Men’s tee from a discount store for just $2. The scarf was inspired by the Knotted Loop Scarf by Country Road. It costs 69.95AUD! (-_-x)

Materials required:
1 XL tee
A pair of scissors
Sewing tools (either a sewing machine for a quickie or needle and thread if you want to do hand sewing!)
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Step 1: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut your tee according to the picture. A and B should be about the same width and C is from the sleeves.

One tee will yield 2 As, 2 Bs (the second one is underneath), 2 Cs and 1 D.

Step 2: Fold and sew

Picture of Fold and sew
Get A and open it up. There should be an open side where the C/the sleeves were cut off.

Fold A into half, lengthwise, with the RIGHT side of the fabric facing each other, such that the open sides meet at the dotted line.

Sew along the dotted line.

Open A up and you should get a rectangular piece of fabric. Do the same as above for the other piece of A. 

Step 3: Sew

Picture of Sew
Put the 2 pieces of A together, with the RIGHT side of the fabric facing each other and so that the ====, ++++ and .... are in line with each other.

Sew along the ==== lines together and then open the piece up.

Step 4: Fold and sew

Picture of Fold and sew
Fold the piece lengthwise such the ++++ side meets with the …. side with the RIGHT side of the fabric facing each other. The picture shows only one piece of A. The other one is out of the frame. The 2 pieces of A form a very long piece of fabric.

Sew ++++ and …. sides together.

Step 5: Turn inside out

Picture of Turn inside out
Turn this long piece of 2 As inside out and you will get a long tube of fabric with all the clean seams on the outside.

Step 6: Cut

Picture of Cut
Get C and cut the seams so that it opens up as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Sew

Picture of Sew
Get one C and one B. Line the sides ==== and ++++ together, with the RIGHT side of the fabric facing each other. Sew ==== and ++++ together.

Do the same for the other B and C. 
Owlgirl3 years ago
Wow... people are soooo creative!
Annix153 years ago
This is really cool! 4*
solariana3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
gwenstella (author)  solariana3 years ago
I am so sorry about that! Thank you for your feedback. I will add that bit in right away.
read that about 10 times and i think i finally understand :) can't wait to try!
gwenstella (author)  daisiestodumptrucks3 years ago
i am so sorry! i know the instructions aren't that easy to follow because of my bad writing!
Great work, both at making the scarf and at saving all that money! I'm sure I have some t-shirts around I could use - ones that I don't wear anymore but the fabric's too nice to use as a rag just yet.... must go check the cupboards!!
gwenstella (author)  DaveySprocket3 years ago
would love to see how the scarf looks when it's made with fabric in funky prints! :D
T-Rave4 years ago
Just got done with the first 2 I am gifting. Got a few more colors coming as well.
gwenstella (author)  T-Rave3 years ago
the colours look fab! i'd totally wear BOTH the pink and black scarves together at the same time! :D
kjclarke4 years ago
this scarf is awesome
This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing.
T-Rave4 years ago
Looks like I have a last minute project for xmas gifts for my female friends. Great work!
lrzgirl1234 years ago
that is a really cute scarf!!! it would make great xmas gifts !!!!
gwenstella (author)  lrzgirl1234 years ago
thank you! :)