Here are step by step instructions to make your own lcd projector without spending major $$$
I did this a while back and I'm just now getting around to posting it.

Step 1: GET a 14" or 15" LCD MONITOR

I used a fifteen inch and the sides run outside of the border sooo try and get a 14 instead. A few different brand monitors are usable for this project , and a few aren't.
Here i am using a CMV 522a. These work great because they don't have the ffc
(flat flexible cable) issue that some monitors do have.The problem on some is that there is a cable connecting two circuit boards behind the lcd screen, and you need that cable to be long enough to move the boards out of the way of the lcd screen.
here is a list telling you what monitors have/don't have this issue


Here I had one screw in each corner. I had to pull 2 covers off of the sides of the "neck" to uncover 4 more screws. UNSCREW ALL OF THESE!

Step 3: Be Careful

With all of the screws taken out ,the back of the monitor should just come off. I had to take a flat head screw driver and run it along the seams to pop it off..
Heres what I'm looking at with the back off...

Step 4: Unscrew Circuit Board and Covers....

Look for screws connecting the board and covers to the backlight ,because you are going to seperate the two since you'll be using the overhead projector lamp as the backlight.

Step 5: Unscrew Board and Flip It Out of the Way

unplug circuit board from backlight. unscrew and flip circuit board out of the way so you can take off the backlight. i removed the power side of the board for a bit cos it was easier to flip without it.

Step 6: Separate Backlight From Lcd Screen

the backlight is attached by clamps around the edges so gently pry/bend them off with a flathead. gently remove lcd screen from the backlight casing. throw away backlight. The LCD backlights contain hazardous material Hg as a fluorescent lights do. So dispose it properly.

Step 7: Set It Up

reattach the power board to the board connected to the screen and plop it on a projector this monitor only has vga input so if you have component cables you will need a convertor box. they make convertor boxes that convert component cables (and others) to vga. i put a fan on the screen because the screen does get hot. i do it just in case.

Step 8:

plug in a game or whatevar and have fun. this thing is not hd or anything but good enough, and pretty fun to make.



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    while this is a great tutorial, there are no instructions on how to connect game/dvd/computer to this.

    can you add steps on how to connect plugs to this? it would be much appreciated!


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    Very useful information, I would like to offer my LCD because the thay LCD may chieu business projectors also

    Good job! These types of projector projects have a brilliant projected image, I think this is what you call a 1080 pixel or more type. If I ever find one of those paper projectors and a nice LCD screen your sure to find me at this page again.

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    I took my backlight out and plugged everything back in except the backlight to see if it still worked and the plugs of the board started to spark and burn. is that meant to happen???

    Really cool idea, i have a cheap lcd monitor i could use this with. Just need to find a overhead projector now, hmm...

    Hey, so I took apart an old LapTop lcd monitor, and it seems that the power board must be in the computer.... It has 15 wires that are connected to some pin out, but I haven't a clue what is what. Is there any hope in saveing this?

    BTW how are you powering the device - how do you have it hooked up to any voltage source?

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    well the only way you can use that screen is if you still have the laptop to drive it, but yes, the inverter is a bit separate from the monitor but it shouldnt be far, im sure you must have had to unplug a white connector similar to those disconnected in this instructable, that ran to the ccfls inside the screen assembly.
    the inverter is usually quite compact, but its usually in the bottom-middle of the screen assembly.

    this may be the cheapest way to get a really good Full-HD Projector! :D

    Im very much concerned about LCD display and the heat which can completly distroy the lcd.I've got a OHP but its projecting yellow light :( Is there any thing i can do to obtain a white light?Why can't we use CFL bulbs for the Project. I found out that 13w one has at least 840 lumens.Will 23w CFL do the job?. or can i use 2 of these 13w bulbs.Also they don't heat up very much(also have long lifetime).Im thinking if the light can be concentrated by using a reflector it might be fit in to the OHP by doing nessasory alternation to the OHP.plz help meout guys. Hoping a positive reply. By the way instructables rocks {:{)@=


    .. and plop it on a projector

    That's the bit I'm having trouble with- where do you get an OHP without spending stupid amounts of money or breaking into a school getting one from an office clearance? The cheapest I can find on ebay are going to be at least $100 with delivery.

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    Try your local college or university, they frequently give away old reusable office supplies such as OHP's and Slide Projectors. I got mine from a friend working at a recycling center, it was dropped off there by a school.

    yeah, mine cost me about 80 bucks off ebay. I bought the lcd monitor for 30. not THAT cheap but I wanted to make this so I bought it. you can get a pretty decent hd projector for about 400-600 bucks but I just didn't have the money then and I wanted it now! minus the hd part.

    I actually saw a few on craigs list going for less than $50.

    haha, removed the speakers, they are too small, Thats halarious, sorry that is very funny, i would have to agree myself,
    I am thinking of keeping speakers in mine though, because i am planning an all-in one projector/computer with XBMC, looking into using an overhead, and arranging pc MB/HD/DVD/Parts inside of it

    Well i got everything i needed and set it up but im having issues with losing the edges of the screen with a 13" by 10" lcd. Its the sides im  losing anyway around this any  ideas ? it would be great if you could make the display area smaller i dunno im fed up now spent loads on this.

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     I had the same problem. If I took the top of the projector off, and took the plastic lens underneath it out, I could scrape off the black border around the sides and edges of the glass. That helped alot but I still lose a TINY bit of screen. hope it works for you.