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Introduction: DIY LED Earrings

My goal was to create some light up earrings for my friend that would also look cool without a battery. With some basic soldering skill you too could have a pair of sick earrings.

You can watch video here, it covers the same directions but with more banter from your truly.

Disclaimer: Setting up your LED like this will cause the battery to wear out faster, but I found it was worth ascetic value and simplicity of this project. Generally you will want to include a resistor between the LED to keep the current from hurting the LED. You also run the risk of over heating the battery. That being said I have used these earrings for prolonged period of time with no problems, though the battery became a bit warm. You can eliminate this problem by buying LEDs with resistor build I didn't have any.

Step 1: Get Your Parts

You will need:

2 3 volt lithium batteries

18 LEDS (9 for each earring)

bit of conductive wire

4 jump rings (2 for each earring)

2 earring hooks

More or less LED may be used depending on the size of them and your personal preference.

Step 2: Arrange Your LED

Line up your LED on your battery till you like the shape making sure they all meet at the top. Make sure that all the positive sides are on one side and aligned on your battery correctly. You can tell if you have it correctly buy whether the LEDS are all lighting up or not.

Once you have them how you like them, tape it together to hold it in place, and mark the positive and negative sides with a marker.

Step 3: Prepare Your Wire

Strip the conductive wire. This is what we will attach the LEDs to.

Step 4:

Starting with the positive side, solder the wire a close the the top as you can onto the conductive wire. Trim the excess.

On negative side do the same thing, this time placing the conductive wire about 3/4 of the way up and solder it int place.

This V shape we have just created will hold the battery in place.Test it out by slipping the battery in to make sure everything it working.

Step 5: Connect the Jump Ring

Solder the jump ring to the top of the positive side.

Step 6: Add the Earring Hook

Attach the earring hook by placing the other jump ring into the solder one, and then attaching the earring hook to that. Slip the battery in and you should be good to go!

Step 7: Wear Them!

Embrace your new look by wearing your light up earring to a fancy dinner or wedding.

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Great idea...!!! Thinking of making one as a gift to my sister...! :D

Funny earrings!

That's a really fun idea :)