Step 1: to Do a LED Flower Crown You Need:

Hey Lovelies!! In this instructables tutorial I show you how to make a DIY LED Flower Crown.
What You Need:
* LED Rose Flower Fairy Lights String - http://bit.ly/2ak1VIN;
* Wire;
*Pliers / Wire Cutter.

Step 2: Perfect Craft for Your Next Festival!!!

Step 3: Is So Easy and Beautiful This LED Flower Crown!

Step 4: LED Flower Crown Is Ready!

Thank You for watching!

<p>It looks great :) Didn't you try white insulating tape? I think, it will better hide the wires.</p>
<p>it looks ugly at that height bring it down a lit then that would look cute</p>
<p>It looks great </p>
<p>Beautiful.......... </p>

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