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Introduction: DIY LED Heat Sink

About: I have an associates degree in electronics engineering, But Im going to go for my Bach, and then my Masters. Currently thinking of going for a Mech. Engineering Degree too.

I made this heat sink on a Drill press with a dremel, some files and sandpaper. It is cut down from 1/2 inch diameter aluminum rod that is one inch long. The "fins" arent perfect as the dremel kept slipping when I was using a cutting wheel to cut the slots. The LED you see is Faux Mounted. My Original Idea has the Aluminum rod a bit bigger than 1/2 inch, but I dont have a lathe so you gotta work with what ya got. This LED actually doesn't produce much Heat, Its about 1W and produces around 100 Lumens (or about 78 Lumens per watt)

Im Sure Work quite well under these conditions.

Improvements/Suggestions are welcome :)



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    Hmm But then How would you cut perfect Circles From Sheet metal, and how would they be thermally attached. I think somewhere out there exists a metal Punch that punches out perfect metal circles

    You can actually do that pretty easily with a "hole saw" (this is a kind of drill bit)