building this LED light bulb requires medium soldering abilities, the lightbulb might not work in some countries, if you get a shock by it i will not be responsible, don't build it unless you know what you are doing, when it is about using ac power :-)
kris754a (author) 1 month ago

i just want to say that i ain't using it anymore because when it had been turned on for a few minutes it got hot enough to soften the glue so it started to fall apart but anyway it's a fun little project :-)

sonicdude105 months ago
At the optometrist:

No. Can't really say how I got blinded. I just remember making a little LED cube, testing it out, and then I couldn't see after that.

All in all, nice project for the DIY in us.
kris754a (author)  sonicdude105 months ago
haha :-D and thanks :-)
Mark AJA5 months ago
How many L.E.D.'s in the circuit?
What is their voltage?
What is the output voltage of the transformer?
And IMPORTANT, are you sure the fuse is on the live 240v supply line.
As it is so close to the bridge rectifier (4 diodes) it looks more like the DC positive output line.
kris754a (author)  Mark AJA5 months ago
hi :-)
there are 105 LEDs in the entire circuit.
each led is at approximately 3,1v.
the output voltage of the transformer is 12v.
yes, i'm pretty sure that the fuse is on the 240v supply line :-)
Kiteman6 months ago
How about posting a step-by-step?
kris754a (author)  Kiteman6 months ago
i think i'll try that :-)
Zibri6 months ago
"No, officer, I don't have a clue about how THE FIRE STARTED!" :D
kris754a (author)  Zibri6 months ago
Zibri kris754a6 months ago
ILoveLights6 months ago
This seems like a good idea but IDK why it seems like its also meant for outdoor light projects not inside.

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