Picture of DIY LED Lamp
This is a step by step guide on how to build your own modern LED lamp from a 3D model,  using a laser cutter and some simple electrical components . I actually used this as an architectural model but the end result  creates a pretty sweet lamp. The design that is attached it slightly different from what is in the pictures. What is pictured is actually my design for a highrise apartment building in chicago.  This guide takes you through all the steps necessary, feel free try out your own shapes. What is attached is only a sample of a possible shape.
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Step 1: Get all the materials

you will need a few things for this build. start by getting all these items.

4 sheets of 1/8" thick 18" x 24" acrylic - (not 1/8 but close enough)

super glue or acrylic adhesive (if using super glue watch for finger prints)

Laser Cutter

4 "AA" battery holder (this one includes a switch which is nice) 

2 ( or how every many you want) LED's

resistors ( i used 270 ohm, may change on your set up)

preprinted circuit board,i used this one because it cut down on some soldering

one can of spray glass frost

Step 2: Background info

what we are building is a a vertical contour model, building a 3 dimensional shape from 2 dimensional slices and stacking those at a set interval. With that in mind the fundamentals of this project rely on a light shaft in the center of the lamp, and rough edges of each contour to allow a terminating point for the light. when passing light through glass or acrylic you need a termination point. so to achive this you can frost the glass or sand the edges. this will let the light pass through each contour and then make the edges glow, while the middle shaft acts as a diffuser. 

ok so lets get started. 
phuynh11 year ago
Hello, I really want to make this, but I do not have any experience in 3d software, or a laser cutter. I found some website online that will do laser cutting service,, but this site required the file format to be STL, DAE or VRML 97. I am completely new at 3D software and laser cutting, is there anyway you can send me those file type?
ray742 years ago
Very nice looking lamp. I might have to build on at some point.

Instead of frosting the plastic with a spray, you could also just sand them lightly with a scotch-bright pad. This would save the work of spraying and allowing each coat to dry. It also couldn't scratch or chip off.
ChrysN3 years ago
Gorgeous lamp!
venom_man (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
thank you very much! I was very happy with how it turned out