Who doesn't like getting flowers? Why not give the gift of flowers that never fade? Go even further and show your crafty side by making a brilliant bunch of flowers with this LED Origami Flower Kit.

Step 1: What You'll Need

LED Origami Flower Kit  Includes:
Battery pack, AA batteries, baby-sized breadboard, hook-up wire, RGB LEDs, and a pencil for stem making.

You'll also need:
Paper, electrical tape is preferred, soldering equipment just to solder the LEDs
to the ends of the hook-up wire and lots of patience is also helpful when it comes to folding paper.
<p>What kind of paper do you suggest me to use if I want the most glow? What kind did you use?</p>
I used plain white copy paper. The LEDs were nice and bright and easily lit up the paper. Tracing paper might not be a bad idea either since it's a little thinner but still catches light.
Pretty and pretty straightforward too! Love it!
Joule thiefs can work like a charm in this project! Loved the Idea!

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