Picture of DIY LED Origami Kit
Who doesn't like getting flowers? Why not give the gift of flowers that never fade? Go even further and show your crafty side by making a brilliant bunch of flowers with this LED Origami Flower Kit.

Step 1: What You'll Need

LED Origami Flower Kit  Includes:
Battery pack, AA batteries, baby-sized breadboard, hook-up wire, RGB LEDs, and a pencil for stem making.

You'll also need:
Paper, electrical tape is preferred, soldering equipment just to solder the LEDs
to the ends of the hook-up wire and lots of patience is also helpful when it comes to folding paper.
ynze3 years ago
Pretty and pretty straightforward too! Love it!
artworker3 years ago
Joule thiefs can work like a charm in this project! Loved the Idea!