Everybody likes to watch their favorite movies or sports on a big screen so they plan to buy a video projector. I am also crazy about projectors, but they are too costly. HD projectors available in the market have a starting price of approx. 30,000/- INR. This is way out of my budget so I planned to make myself an HD projector that projects about a 100" screen.

After lot of research on Google I decided to make the pj with a 100w high power led and a 7" 1280*800 LCD panel. The LED consumes very little power and has a very long life.

Update: Look my 2nd version of this projector: https://www.instructables.com/id/Home-Made-HD-LED-Projector-V-20/

Step 1: Here Is the Video " How I Made This Projector "

Step 2: Things That I Used in My Pj.

  1. Play wood (mdf) sheet to make box
  2. Fresnel lens. I used 120mm fl and 185 mm fl

  3. Triplet lens. I used 200mm fl

  4. Condenser lens

  5. 100w high power led with driver

  6. LCD panel and its controller. I used 1280*800 7”
    HD lcd and controller.

  7. 12v adapter for exhaust fan and lcd

  8. Cpu exhaust fan to make projector cool

  9. CPU heat sink for led .

Step 3: The Basic Concept of Making Pj

Step 4: Lens Arrangement in Projector -

Step 5: Final Projector Ready for Action

Front and Back View of Projector

Step 6: Component Detail and Total Cost

After lot of comments i update here component detail and total cost to make this projector

1. 100w led and driver : One can easily find 100w led and driver on ebay.com. I bought mine on ebay.in @ 1500/- INR.

High power 100W white

Chip size: 24*40mil

Color temperature: 6000-6500k

Luminous intenity: 8000-9000lm

Forward current: 3000mA

Driver voltage: 30-36V

Light angle: 160deg

Integrated scheme: 10 in series, 10 in parallel

2. Fresnel Lenses : It is very hard to find perfect combination of fresnel lenses in India. Luckily i find perfect set of lenses on ebay.in. The total cost of 2 fresnel lens occur around 1500 /- INR.

Fresnel Lenses:

Focal Length: F120mm Back Fresnel,

Focal Length: F185mm Front Fresnel,

Material: PMMI Material

Groove Pitch: 0.3

Size: 180mm X 130mm with mounting holes.

3. Triplet Lens (projection lens) : The total cost of triplet lens is 3600/- INR. It is also bought from ebay.in

200mm Projection Lens


Fixed Focal Length: F200mm

Outer diameter: 90mm

Lens Diameter (Aperture): 75 mm

Focus range: 45mm

Material: Strong Aluminium and Strong Plastic

Coating Material: Coating 420-680nm multi layer broadband anti-reflection coatings

Control Standards: Diameter: +0 /-1%. Focal Length: +/- 1.5%

4. LCD panel : I use N070ICG-LD1 HD LCD Panel and Controller Kit in this projector. It is the best available LCD in 7" size and controller support all input like HDMI, Pandrive, AV,TV in and VGA. It is also come with remote so easily can control pj remotely. The total cost of this LCD with controller around 6000/- INR.

LCD Features:
N070ICG LD-1 is a 7 inch HD LCD with native resolution 1280 X 800 It delivers a sharper image with good colours. This is very unique LCD.

Size: 7"

Backlight: LED

Resolution: 1280 X 800

Ratio: 16:10

Colours: 16 6 Bit dithering)

Glass Thickness: 0.25mm

Make: Innolux

Contrast Ratio: 800

Pin: 40

Surface: Glare

Operating Temperature: - 20 to + 60 degrees

Controller Features :

HD Controller, will work with N070ICG LCD. This controller comes with remote and you can operate almost all with remote itself. The USB port can Play Most of the Videos Format flawlessly.

5. Condenser Lens: I also use condenser lens to increase brightness of screen. This Rectangular Aspheric Condenser when used, the brightness throughout the corners are brighter. This lens come around 650/- INR

DIY Projector Rectangular Aspheric Condenser Lens


Overall size : 62X52

Focal Length: 70mm

Suitable LCDs: 7" and below

Suitable Fresnel Lens: F120 Back Fresnel.

Mounting: Condenser back surface Area should be 1mm Away from LED surface area for better results.

Total Cost Of Projector :

100w led and driver 1500/-

Fresnel lens 3000/-

Triplet lens 3600/-

LCD and Controller Kit 6000/-

Condenser Lens 650/-

12v adapter, 2pcs. cpu fan, box material etc cost 500 /-

Now final cost of Projector is 14800 /- INR

<p>i have iPhone 5 and Samsung duos, which one LCD is better to use for the projector ? </p>
<p>i want to build my own projector from 15.6 inch screen of my old laptop.so my question is; in order to reduce space, instead of using a halogen or LED lamp from a distinct distance can i make and use a brighter back light panel right behind the LCD panel?</p>
No you can't use direct light just behind the lcd panel. You will never get your corner bright and also your projection image will be crispy. Using of big lcd panel is always very tricky. Your projector size will be big, you will be need big fresnel lens and after all efforts you will get dark corners. So if we want good projector we should use 7&quot; or 8.9&quot; lcd panel.
<p>hi, nice project and good finishing.</p><p>i am working on similar project and got stuck with projection lens.</p><p>can you give me the link from where i can buy at low price or link of lens you used.</p><p>thanks</p>
Projection lens is a heart of projector so i used very good triplet lens bought from ebay.in. link is herehttp://www.ebay.in/itm/DIY-Projector-F200-Projector-Triplet-Lens-India-/252821636173?hash=item3add58044d
<p>thanks for reply and help.</p><p>i have different plan in my mind. i am getting a led projector just at 2700 INR.</p><p>and i will take out the projection lens and condensor lens from it. also more useful stuff i will get.</p><p>All with 50% reduced price.</p><p>ebay link- http://www.ebay.in/itm/HD-LED-Projector-10-100-inch-TV-DVD-PC-with-SD-USB-AV-In-VGA-HDMI-Port-/112342976266?hash=item1a2829c70a:g:5JUAAOSw4A5YzR2M</p>
Projection lens is a heart of projector so i used very good triplet lens bought from ebay.in. link is herehttp://www.ebay.in/itm/DIY-Projector-F200-Projector-Triplet-Lens-India-/252821636173?hash=item3add58044d
<p>Hey, i got a question. I got this uc40 projector, which has 800 lumens led, if i change the led to more brighter, lets say 2k lumens, does that make my screen more brighter or i make it worse and too bright for projection?</p>
<p>If you can figure out a good heat sink along with a good cooling unit, it should work like a charm. However, with out proper cooling it may well burn the LCD because of the heat it generates.</p>
Please tell how to remove the back black film, because I m trying but light is not passing through
Which type of lcd do you have ?? And we don't need to remove black type layer.
<p>Hi there,</p><p>The layer you are talking about is a polarized layer with out which the LCD would not be useful enough to project images...for detailed info visit this <a href="http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae532.cfm" rel="nofollow">link</a></p>
<p>i am brought your projector</p>
there is no black layer you have to just and only back light and silver layers
I want to buy u r projector
<p>i have a projector,if you want i can sell it to u.contact me on 08961056104</p>
Is there a special solder wire to use
No need, you can use the common soldering machine.
Hi there I have a little problem ....I have a 30w led im trying to solder some wires to it but its difficult to bond with it n when it do bond together when I turn it on n it heat up the wire just fall back off ....can u tell me what im doing wrong <br>
Hi, You can find 2 metal leads at the side of the LED, which is extended out from the LED dimension. solder on them to avoid the desoldering problem due to heat. You should find the polarity of LED (positive and negative) correctly, otherwise you may spoil the LED.
Yes you must soldering on that metal leads. Yes definitely you have to find you led panel plarity. Google for find polarity of led panel.
<p>can i use my old dslr lens insteadof triplet lens for my projector</p>
Hi, can you guys please tell me which led and driver is to use in this projector. I am not able to find it. Ebay.in shows a lot of results and i am confused. Thanx
<p>Hi, I have a 17 inch gaming laptop screen that runs at 1980x1080, i loved your project and want to make one myself with my screen, the problem is that i does not find any fresnel at this size, 17 inches, by what i understanded i need one of the size of the screen, is that correct? also the triplet lens, i also could not find anyone, please help me!!</p>
Did you remove polarizer of lcd? Is it necessary to remove polarizer of lcd?
And it is not necessary to remove it.
No I removed only back panel light and many layers on it.
<p>please let me know how can i remove back plan of the LCD...????</p>
<p>dear kehaldoshi, </p><p>i really need how can i give the power to pj... is there any need to get a separate adapter for the pj???</p>
I really need help with the dimensions of the wooden case, please reply asap
Box size depend on your heatsink and fan size. Put all in line and measure it. Now you can easily assume the box size.
<p>you should mention that , you removed the backlight of LCD, I think many will try without removing it. :-)</p><p>&quot; carefully remove the back plane (which contains white <br>diffuser &amp; backlight)of the LCD. you just need the LC plate which is<br> the pixel filter.&quot;.</p>
<p>I have a problem. I use a 1200 led flood light instead of a 100 w led. The flood light look really bright , but when shine through the LCD panel it barely even bright and even dimer than my screen before i remove it. SO SHOULD I GET THE 100 W LED BECAUSE MY FLOOD LIGHT IS NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH OR THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH LCD PANEL?</p>
<p>you have to carefully remove the back plane (which contains white diffuser &amp; backlight)of the LCD. you just need the LC plate which is the pixel filter. (see working of LCD). . </p>
<p>Dear kehaldoshi,</p><p>Please confirm how can i wire-up all the parts, specifically FAn+LED light+Driver+LCD power supply. if you have any wiring scheme please share ... thanks</p>
<p>is this lcd is good enough to provide the similar output as compare to lcd having higher resolution </p>7 inch 800*480 TFT LCD Display Driver Board HDMI VGA 2AV for Raspberry Pi <p>please reply</p>
<p>ok nice projector i'm look to build one but i think i find an error please tell me if i'm wrong: you use a 70 mm focal condenser lens but you put the back fresnel at 120 mm like there is not condenser lens... but i think you have to move the fresnel 70 mm to focus right to the focal lenght(focal point) of the condenser lens! it,s that right???</p>
<p>how about use screen 14 inch with 550mm focal fresnel or 220 focal length</p>
<p>how about use screen 14 inch with 550mm focal fresnel or 220 focal length</p>
Can I use fresnel lens focal 550mm or not <br>And what the difference between use focal 120 and 550 and what's the best for using
<p>Hi again...</p><p>For 100&quot; with this one projector, how near in screen we have great view?</p><p>Thank you... ;)</p>
<p>Hi...</p><p>I cannot find F200 Triplet Projection Lens and Frensel 120mm, 185mm. Do you know if I can use something else?</p><p>Thank you... ;)</p>
Search on ebay.in
Ok thank you...
<p>great bro....iam working on one too,,,</p>
<p>So I see that the LCD you selected has a native resolution of 1280x800, but does it support higher resolutions? That is, if I plug in my laptop will this allow me to select a resolution of 1920x1080 and down convert the resolution to fit the monitor?</p>
<p>i say u go with 4k resolution phone display....</p>
<p>One way that im pretty sure is legal is use a dvd drive on a computer and insert a store bought dvd using windows and use vlc player to make the video fit your screen size if your idea doesnt work. I think i read that playing dvd's is legal on windows but not linux. As always though check yourself to make sure what im suggesting is legal.</p>
<p>Thanks for the info. Its sets me in the right direction to build one of these. </p>

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