I have always struggled with lighting for my miniature photography, and decided to go with making my own DIY LED ring light after seeing this instructable:


It took me about half an hour to put it together as I had all the items at hand, but it was an ad hoc project, forgive the little boo-boos!

Materials Used:
25cm (or 5 x 3-LED light segments) 12V LED Light strip (Bright white, available from ebay)

1 x Battery Holder for 12V 23AE sized batteries

1 x Self Locking 6 Pins Torch Push Button Switch (available from ebay)

1 x 12V 23AW battery

1 x plastic sauce container cover (9 cm diameter)

Tools Used:

Soldering Iron (30W, my 60W wouldn't work today :( )

0.3mm, 1mm soldering lead

3rd hand soldering stand

Reversible Tweezers

Circle cutter

Double sided Tape

I think the hardest bit would be waiting for the light strips/battery holder/switch to arrive from ebay, but I had everything lying around as I build miniature roomboxes and stuff. This project cost me no more than USD$10 to put together.

Step 1: Preparing the Base

I opted to go with a disposable sauce container lid, approximately 9cm diameter wide, as it was thin and sturdy enough to fit between my lens and the lens adapter.

Using a circle cutter (from Daiso), I measured the inner diameter of my favourite lens (EFS 18-55mm) and cut out a circle.

Test fit it against the step down ring adapter that I use for my macro clip-on lenses (had purchased the wrong sized clip-ons hawhaw -_-" ).

<p>Hi, I've added your project to the &quot;<em style="">DIY LED Camera Ring Lights</em>&quot; Collection</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-LED-Camera-Ring-Lights/">This</a> is the link If you are interested</p>
<p>awesome. I have been looking to make a ring light for a while.. This seems like a fab way to go about makeing one.</p>
<p>Thank you! I hope you'll find it useful!</p>
<p>Very cool! </p><p>Great first instructable, too. I hope we see a lot more great stuff from you soon!</p>
Thanks seamster! ^_^ hope I can come up with more ideas!

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