DIY LED Spinner





Introduction: DIY LED Spinner

This instructable is about how to make hand spinner with glowing LED lights! All you need to make a spinner:

  • 3-layer plywood
  • Bearing (from skateboard, roller...)
  • LEDs
  • 100 Ohm resistors
  • Mini switch
  • CR battery
  • Wires
  • Sinkers
  • Some instruments

Also you can watch a video with full process of assembling.

Step 1: Bearing

Take a bearing: skateboard, longboard, or roller-skates. The bearing has grease, it doesn't let bearing spin fast and long time, so use gasoline to clean bearing.

Step 2: Body of Spinner

Make the spinner's body of 2 pieces of 3-layer plywood (rectangular 30x100 mm). Bearing has 22mm outer diameter, use flat wood or cone drill bit to make a hole. Then fix both halves by screws and process with sandpaper to create a smooth shape.

Step 3: Electronics

100 Ohm resistor is for RED and YELLOW LEDs, GREEN LED is without resistor! Watch a scheme.

Step 4: Grooves and Holes

We to need drill 3 holes almost through body for mounting LEDs. And make some grooves for switch, resistors and wires. Also make a big round groove for battery.

Step 5: Wiring

Use soldering iron to connect all components.

Step 6: Assembling

Push bearing inside both parts of body. Then make holes and push sinkers inside, it is for long time spinning (50 seconds for me).

Step 7: Final

So, LED spinner is done! I like it, my friends like and it and even my cat =)

I remember, that you can watch a video with full process of making and some demonstration.


  • lukewoodbury made it!


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Questions & Answers


This IS awesome!! I'm going to make it like, right away! Thanks for posting!

Awesome craft! I totally want to make it.

Thanks for the inspiration! Made mine with clear acrylic, put a battery holder on it and found some excellent tiny switches that were only 2.5mm thick ( A bit big for my sons hand at 100mm, but he can put it on a pencil and use it.

lov it

Really cool design!What resistors would i need for 2 reds and a white led?

Why we need resistors? Because of red and yellow LEDs can't be powered by 3.3 volt, they will burn out. Resistor limits the current, and also I choose 100 Ohm because of equal brightness of all the diodes.

Hi, very nice spinner. Just one question, why the green led doesn't need a resistor?

Because it can work with 3.3 V. Blue can power 3,3 V too, but red and yellow can't

This is really cool, but now I understand why everything gets outsourced to China! That's a lot of work! People wouldn't pay what it's really worth because they can buy one on eBay from China for like four bucks! (But it wouldn't be as cool as this one, or likely last as long!)