There is nothing I love more than lace underwear!  I will teach you how to make lace thongs for only a couple dollars.  It is mind blowingly simple and will take less than 10 minutes!

You don't need to pay their expensive prices to get brand name lingerie.

Step 1: Materials

Stretch Lace Trim - 45" length, approx. 2" width, the length depends on size, I am a small so I needed 45", see the next step to figure out how much lace you need.

Cotton - about 3 square inches, try to match the color of your lace, not necessary
Where do you get your stretch lace trim from? because i have looked everywhere and i can't find it!
<p>easy and very cute</p>
<p>where are all the steps??</p>
where do you get the lace fabrick
lovely!can i still sew this without using a serger?i dont have a serger and only using an ordinary sewing machine with zigzag stitches.thanks!
<p>Recently I sewed a project without a serger so I hide the flare I sewed once the wrong sides facing each other and then the right sides facing each other to encase I guess you would say, the seem if you don't have a serger. Does that make sense?</p>
<p>What you did is called a French Seam. They are a great option for laces and other sheer fabrics.</p>
Did I miss where the cotton comes in? A crotch lining, perhaps?
Did you put the pants on and edit the pic by drawing over yourself and miss out the pants, or lay the pants out and take a pic and draw in the character?
Vary good cartooning work vary detailed
Are you talking about the cotton lining? Because I see it in the materials list, but not mentioned again.<br><br>And, while you're at it, how about the promised sizing guide? I don't see that either. Otherwise, great tutorial.
How did you draw that pic?
Wouldn't you want something to protect sensitive areas from that seam? A little cotton liner maybe? Does the seam really not bother you or are these meant to be worn only for a little bit, not the whole day long. Thank you for making this 'ible, it's great, I am just wondering about that seam.

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