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Introduction: DIY Lamp - Eternal Flame

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The lampshade takes a rather unique oblong shape which is suitable for decoration in any living space.

This lamp is the modification of my previous 'cathedral light' -

To complete this project, you will need the following.

Card x 9 (A4, smooth texture, 150 gsm) - for the lampshade units.

Sketch or watercolor pad x 2 (A4) - for the light fixture and inner support.

Craft knife

Superglue gel


Double-sided tape

Glue stick



You can also download the template here:

Watch the video for the full instructions.

Good luck with making it!



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I have had an incredibly ugly hanging light fixture over the table in the dining room for years--mostly because I could not find a replacement that I liked enough to bother with changing it. Now it is going to change--or maybe in a week or two when things slow down and I can get my son to help me. Thanks.

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It is great to know that this video can be of help to you. Good luck with reinstalling your lampshade. This lampshade is reasonably easy to make and the result is terrific.

I have even picked out the paper I plan to use--it is moderately sturdy (durability) but not too terribly thick (glow-ability)