Hy guys! Today I made some interesting lampions from mason jars. ;) You don't need too many things for this project so I hope You like it! Let's get started!

Step 1: Step 1: Tools and Materials

You need:

-glass paint

-a mason jar

-a sponge

Step 2: Painting the Mason Jar

First you have to cut down a piece from the sponge, but if you can't do it, that isn't a problem!( If you can you can use a sponge more times) Then put a little bit of paint to the sponge. After this you have to paint the glass. Push the sponge and take away and push and take away and.....repeat it! Turn it upside down, and wait until it's dry. While it's drying find a picture what you want to paint to the bottle!

Step 3: Paint the Picture to It

If the first layer is dry You can paint the second layer( the picture) too. For this I used a needle, but You can paint it without this( but it is easier). So let's paint it! :)

Step 4: Put a Candle Into It

Light up the candle, and drop it into the mason jar! Your lampion is ready to use! ;) Check my pictures from this! If you enjoy this projest, please leave a favorite (:D) or a comment! If you like it please vote me in some contest! Thank you very much!:)

<p>that's a great idea to use a needle! I might try that well done :)</p>
<p>Ok! Good luck! :)</p>
<p>Very cool. These lamps look very good and perfectly <em>halloweeny</em>!</p>
<p>Yes! Thank you! :)</p>

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