DIY Lamp/lantern (star Ball)





Introduction: DIY Lamp/lantern (star Ball)

About: Find the craft you like in EzyCraft tutorials in youtube. It is a great resource for you to make paper crafts, ranging from template card, origami to decor DIY.

This is a DIY paper pedant lamp/lantern that is constructed with a hexagonal template. When making this lamp, you will need to cut the lines as precisely as possible. The lamp gives out a starry and floral pattern which is very eye-catching when lit.

For this project, you will need the following.

Sketch paper or card x 6 (A4 size, 250 gsm in thickness)

Craft knife

Double-sided tape

Glue or superglue


Template (which is downloadable at You will need 6 copies for 30 units to construct the lamp.

Please follow the video for the full instruction. Good luck!



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