Picture of Laser-Cut Apache Helicopter
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3D models are great gifts for kids and adults! Learn how to make a wooden 3D  model from any picture for a gift or just for yourself!

What did you make?

     I made wooden model of an Apache helicopter. I originally made it as a gift to my younger brother but thought I would go ahead and make an instructable! Since it is just a model it doesn't really do much except sit there and look really cool! The materials I used were a laser cutter (thanks to my awesome job! and boss), wood, and the Corel Draw program.

How did you make it?

     I am the new laser operator at the place I work (Creative Pewter Designs) and my boss gave me a key to the building and told me to practice making stuff and cutting it out with the laser cutter. I have started to cut many things and got the idea to make this when Christmas was coming up. I had not got anything for my younger brother so I thought he might like it if I cut him something.
     Basically, I took an image I found online of an Apache and traced it on the program CorelDRAWX4. I then made different layers for the model so that it would have a 3D look. I also added some detail to each of the pieces which I think made it look a whole lot better (my little brother thought so too!) After I had finished all of the pieces I cut them out with the laser and assembled it to make sure it all went together well, then I dis-assembled it, wrapped it up, and gave it to my brother.

Where did you make it?

     I did most of the work at home. But then when I had completed drawing all of the pieces I had to finish the rest at work and cut it out there. Since it was a gift for my little brother I brought it home and helped him assemble it after he opened it on Christmas.

What did you learn?

     I learned how to make a 3D model from wood. I wasn't following any instructions or tutorials so I had to figure everything out on my own. I also learned how to use CorelDRAWX4 better which is helping me greatly at work, this is very important since my boss is depending on me.

You will need:
-Laser cutter
-A program that is compatible with your laser (I am using Corel draw x4)
-A picture of the model you desire to make
-Wood (I am using 3 ply finished birch)
-Wood glue

how thick is the wood?

FoamboardRC2 years ago
Sweet dude! Now I all I need to do is to just save 3000 for a laser cutter. . . then. . .
Emsaid (author)  FoamboardRC2 years ago
Thanks! actually full spectrum has a laser for 1800, which is pretty cheap!
Yeah, that one looks totoally with a removable floor. . .! AWESOME! Which one do you have? That's probably the one I'd be getting, if and when I get one. But that would be next year when I get my driver's permit, and a job, which are really hard to come by. . .
Check if there is somewhere around where you live that hires cutters out or a laser cutting place which (for a fee) will cut what you want.
Hmm yeah, I just don't have any idea where to start. I live close by Chattanooga, but I've never really seen any businesses that would even look like they'd have a laser cutter.
Maybe you could look through local classifieds or craigslist or something.
Emsaid (author)  FoamboardRC2 years ago
Im not sure what the brand is, but it is a 60 watt 18x24 in.
wilgubeast2 years ago
This is awesome! Please retitle it so that I may feature it. (And if someone else with featuring powers beats me to the punch, change the title anyway.) Laser-cut Apache Helicopter is a pretty good start.

If you're itching to make some cool stuff with the laser cutter, try using 123D Catch to generate a 3D model of something, then run it through 123D Make to turn that into a series of eps files that layer to recreate what you initially 123D Caught. Or make Scoochmaroo's sweet Settlers of Catan game set.
Emsaid (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thank You,
Title changed! I notice I do tend to be a little bland when titling instructables. And I have heard a little about those programs and I think I may have to check them out!