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Introduction: DIY Lazy Susan

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I don't know about you, but, I live in a small house & the pantry is even smaller. So to save space a made a lazy susan to hold my spices. It is really easy & cheap to make. I put mine in my pantry but you could also put it on a table (it could even hold perfume on a vanity table or something) Be creative!

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Step 1: What You Need

To make a lazy susan you need:

2 circle shaped pans (I used 9 inch)

Marbles (I used about 30 it depends on the size of the pan)

Step 2:

Now put you're marbles in one of the pans and put the other pan on top of it.

Step 3: All Done

Now you are all done put you're spices (or stuff) into it and give it a spin. If it does not work you need more marbles. it fit great in my pantry and it saved a lot of space. Hope you enjoyed this instructable & don't forget to vote.



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It seems to me that this may. Be possible with a smaller pan full of marbles under a larger one. What do you think?



I had made one before with marbles but it requires quite many marbles to roll evenly. I thought there must be better and lighter way to make the pans to roll. I used steel balls, 1/4 inch size, they are slingshot ammo. They are cheap, roll better and can easily to be found.

This is freaking AMAZING.

You could also use BB's (Like you would use in Daisy BB guns) instead of marbles. It would not be so tall and it will weigh less. They are cheap and easy to find in the sporting goods section at most places like Walmart.

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Very well done, and useful. I have a small lazy susan in cabinet that holds small bottled items. After a many years, it's need of replacement. Nice idea I may use this week.

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I glad it will be useful :) if you make it show me a picture.

Clever simple and it is so easy to find the materials! Thank you.

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