DIY Leather Border Stamp Kit





Introduction: DIY Leather Border Stamp Kit

Whilst working on a leather sheath for a knife I was making, I thought that the border stamps that came with my basic leathercraft kit were looking pretty stale. So I set out to make something custom that makes my leatherwork truly unique!

Tools Required

The tools required are basic and common to most workshops:

  • Hacksaw
  • Vise
  • Files
  • Needle file set
  • Hammer
  • Punch
  • Drill & Bits
  • Sandpaper
  • Permanent marker (fine tip)

You will also need some kind of steel rod, preferably stainless, say 10mm or 3/8" in diameter. I happened to find some stainless rod from discarded crib at the dump.

Step 1: Cut the Rod Into Pieces

I made the stamps 100mm (4") long and cleaned the ends with a file and a little sand paper.

Step 2: Get Out Your Files

Grab a fine tip marker and be creative. Regular files and needle files can shape a variety of details in the ends of the stamps. These are my lightning bolt and leaf stamps and how they look on lightly whetted leather.

Step 3: Shape Some More!

This one I call bubble blocks. It it made by drilling various holes in the end of a squared up rod.

Step 4: And a Few More...

Some more ideas for you. Cross Bloc, Death Star and Random Impact. Random Impact is made with a hardened steel punch and hammer.

Step 5: Presentation

A block of wood with some holes makes an ideal holder. This is a summary of what the different borders will look like on your next leather project.

Good luck!

More ideas for knife makers can be found at my blog. D. Comeau Custom Knives.

Thanks for looking.




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    Very Creative, but you didn't go into much detail on how to actually shape the stamps....

    Super cool file work DC! I think it is quite creative, in of itself; knowing that you are a knife maker just makes it that much cooler.

    This is great!

    I was just thinking of doing this. Great instructable

    Good idea, good work.

    Really good job. So good I almost passed it over because the main pic makes it look like a company spamming their kit.

    1 reply

    I also had a look because of the main pic, looked straight out of spam marketing.

    "an amazing 8 pieces, now with natural wood holder"lol

    nice presentation all the same.