Step 9: Bonus! Lego bracelets!

I posted this without thinking about bracelets, and as I sat at my desk this morning, it dawned on me... I DIDN'T MAKE ANY BRACELETS!

So here we are. :)

You will need:
  • jump rings
  • enough Legos to fit around your wrist
  • a drill with a 1/16 bit
  • a closure
  • small pliers
Saw this site that has cool Lego Style watches <br> <br>https://hidden-awesome.myshopify.com/
Gorgeous and you are wonderful dear :)
thank you
Im making a buisness with these and i think they could rake in some money!
To be honest, I haven't had much success with them. I've been selling the necklaces on etsy for 10 months now and hardly any takers... maybe 4 or 5 sold? Right now I've got them listed at $5 just hoping to get rid of them. :P <br /> <br />The earrings sell like crazy at craft fairs, though, if you do $2-3 a pair. <br /> <br />I think the internet is just too clogged with lego jewelry!
Hi, I've been wanting to make awesome LEGO jewelry for a while now, and I wondered if you might have any specific tips on drilling plastic?
LEGOS have supernatural power and are not for everybody. If you walk by a Ouija board wearing lego jewelry(which is more talismanic in nature), the OB will crack or spell out 'go away! all on it's own. Do not wear legos j'ewelry' while eating Beefaroni as it alters the taste to be more like stale 'circus peanuts'. You can learn more about that in the 'Chef Boy-ar-Dee Diaries&quot; (google it).
cool, i do this a lot with the huge Lego gears, and the Lego chains(you can adjust size that way) you can definitely go insane with this, great job!
I Have Just One Word For You :<br>A M A Z I N G <br>;D
Ha, thank you!
Looks fun. What if you wore two or three and connected the legos while you were wearing it?
That would be really cute, I bet. I added legos to the larger white one while I was making it and it looked really neat.<br><br>I'm also thinking about using one of the larger flat base legos as a necklace - you could really customize that. :)
You could really go crazy and make huge Lego Bling!
Gold plated Lego bricks!<br><br>Great project! 5 out of 5!
Awesome! I imagine this is exactly the kind of thing that would do fantasic on Think Geek!

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