Picture of Lego iPod Dock

This is a simple Lego iPod dock that you can build in a single afternoon. It is very simple to make. Oh, and by the way this is my first instructable, so I hope you like it!

Step 1: Gather Pieces

Picture of Gather Pieces
1. 1 16x8 plate
2. 4 8x2s
3. 8 3x2s
4. 12 2x2s
5. 8 6x2s
6. 5 4x2s
7. 2 1x2s
8. 2 1x4s
9. 2 1x6s
10. 2 1x1s
REALLY cool dude. 5*****'s all the way!! This is a MUST try!!!Nice work!!

I rate this a DEFINANT 5 STARS!!! THANX iApple guy
iApple guy (author)  Spikeyhairdude3 years ago
Thank you!
So far i made 27 ipod docks and moded one for my motorola! thanx :)
iApple guy (author)  Spikeyhairdude3 years ago
Why did you make 27 iPod docks!?!?
because my little sis kept breaking it ;o
VAViking3 years ago
Impressive work iApple guy!
iApple guy (author)  VAViking3 years ago
hmfoster3 years ago
can you make a modified one for the iTouch?
iApple guy (author)  hmfoster3 years ago
iApple guy (author)  hmfoster3 years ago
I think the iPod touch will fit, but I do not know. Could you give me the dimensions for the iPod touch
4.3 in by 2.3 in by 0.28 in.
iApple guy (author)  hmfoster3 years ago
thewizzard3 years ago
I Just built it and modified for iPhone no problems nice work iApple guy. I just widened the cradle & made less back wall to make iPhone lean at a nice angle, the hardest bit was finding all my bits in my sons GoGoSac full of lego but at least clean up of lego after was easy.
iApple guy (author)  thewizzard3 years ago
That's what I did!
kucherf3 years ago
I added a speaker on each side to the lego structure and it looks and sound fantastic!
iApple guy (author)  kucherf3 years ago
I think I will do that.
iApple guy (author)  iApple guy3 years ago
Can you post pictures?