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Introduction: DIY Lego Key Holder

My sons and I have been making a lego keyholder for my hubby for fathers day.

I have seen similar tutorials on the web but all have required you to drill through a lego piece. I just couldn't bring myself to do that (!) but thankfully I found the perfect bit to attach the key to (lego part number 3176). (I’ve just ordered six more through ebay so we can make a big one ^_^).

The great thing about this tutorial is that you can have fun customising this keyholder in any way you's also very simple and quick to put together.

We used some foam sticky pads to stick the baseboard to the wall but you could superglue neodymium magnets onto the back of the baseplate instead and attach it to your fridge.

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!



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Genius! Simple and elegant solution.

Very Creative!! Gonna do dat for dad's b-day

Awsome! Just ordered the parts off eBay to make this :D Going to put it up on the wall in my first house I'm moving into next month!

The site is a great place to get single Lego pieces from, you can even search for 3176 and find the shops that have it for sale.

This is elegantly simple, yet brilliant!
Really, really nice. :)

I just made my own in yellow and grey :)

Thanks for the inspiration


I want to attach everything I own to one of these things! I love this idea because I can't bring myself to drill through or glue Lego pieces either haha.

Thanks for the kind comments ^_^

So simple, so clever. Excellent!