DIY Life Hack #2 Laundry Soap From a Drink Dispenser


Introduction: DIY Life Hack #2 Laundry Soap From a Drink Dispenser

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ever get sick of looking at the laundry soap container in the laundry room? I did and this was my life hack #2

Step 1: Do You Have Something Like This

1. I absolutely hated going into the laundry room and messing with bad boy, it's big. It's bulky and no one ever seems to tell you when it's empty. But, for this life hack you have to have the laundry soap, if you don't already have it go buy it.

Step 2: Pour Into the Drink Dispenser

really pretty easy, take off the back cap and pour the contents of the container into that glass drink dispenser taking up valuable shelf space in your kitchen cabinet. You know that drink dispenser you never use and that is just collecting dust? Fill it to the top and set it on your laundry supply shelf and never worry about someone not telling you, you needed laundry soap 2 days ago.



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    I like this idea, thank you for sharing :)

    An added benefit to this solution is easily identifying when laundry soap is running low. Clever!

    Please make sure to label it in case some people some how get the wrong idea.

    2 replies

    I did label this, I simply forgot to put the label on before I took the picture

    Good, just making sure, haha.

    Don't let Natalie get to you, Alan. People's priorities can be puzzling.

    Now, with ample rinsing, won't that laundry detergent container make a nice drink dispenser?

    2 replies

    I doubt it. I've tried pretty hard to get soapy smells/tastes out of plastic jugs that I hoped to use for emergency water supplies, but you'd have to be pretty thirsty to want to drink water stored in them...

    I don't think I would ever try that hahaha

    This is a great idea! I have that same wire shelf above my washing machine and I love what you did here! I am definitely going to do that. Great hack! :)