A personal life sized cardboard cutout may seem like a fantasy, but you too can easily make one at home. Cardboard cutouts come in handy for all kinds of purposes, including, but not limited to, work meetings, hide-and-go-seek, and family gatherings. Simply place your cardboard cutout where you are supposed to be and walk away. Most people won't even notice the difference.

Step 1: Take Some Pictures

You want to photograph the subject on the cleanest possible white background. It also advisable to avoid harsh lighting and shadows.

To accomplish this I used a seamless paper backdrop held aloft by two C-stands. I then photographed the subject using two wireless photo strobes angled at 45 degrees towards the subject.

The camera and wireless transmitter were situated in the center upon a tripod. Try to find the highest resolution camera that you can. You want the images to be very large, since it will be printed as life-sized. The larger the image file, the less resolution you will ultimately lose.

You don't really need such a fancy setup, but it's best to use the cleanest (most plain) background available.

<p>Cool</p><p>Funny</p><p>Neat :)</p><p>Voted for you :)</p>
<p>OMG I love it. Now I just have to find a huge printer :)</p>
<p>I made this with some kids using rasterbator</p>
<p>Cool. They must have loved it!</p>
<p>The kids are going to take it to camp and take silly photos, imagine sword fish bow and arrow, sword fish pool cue, sword fish with marshmallows on the nose over the camp fire, that sort of thing.</p>
<p>That is precisely my sentiment about this project, rainingfiction :) </p><p>Voted</p>
<p>You can use an online tool raterbator and to print large images with a normal size printer </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Poster/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Poster/</a></p>
<p>Anyone know of a large format printer capable of doing this which is also affordable for purchase?</p>
<p>Hehe, good times were had for sure! I highly recommend that everyone experience the fun of a full sized cutout of themselves. They make shenanigans and tomfoolery a breeze!</p>

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