I enjoy light painting, however I have no skills at all with electronics.  Plus I like to travel light when I go out.  This setup easily fits in my camera bag and weighs practically nothing.  

Step 1: Required Parts

1.  PVC Pipe
            I chose a 12" Long Extension tube. The bottom fitting just happen to perfectly fit my flashlight.
2.  Flashlight
3.  Dremel Cutting Kit
4.  Dremel (I don't own a Dremel so I just attached the blade to my drill)
5.  Colored Gels
             I used transparent folders at $.50 each. 
6.  Velcro
7.  Aluminum Foil
8.  Glue
<p>Great job, Bud!... You've certainly given me something to think about.</p>
That's really cool!

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