<p>That was incredible.</p>
The Video Got removed...sad day....
Aww, it got removed.
really nice concept and is great for people that have not done much video editing but, I still prefer rotoscaping a lightsaber in with blender 3d.
never mind i worked it out
i tried to do this but when i imported the video it came up as one thing, how do i get all the individual frames? have i done something stupid or is my computer just wierd?
lol it says rate high :]
Use lsmaker its way easier
Good instructable, but the background music was really annoying because you could barely hear you.
can you use anyof the newer GIMP versions?
Idk what you mean. Can I? Yes, I know how to work with the newer version of gimp. Can you do the same thing in a newer version? Yes, the newer gimp and the older gimp hasn't changed much. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I wasn't sure what you where saying.
Cool! Do you know anything about Final Cut Pro? - how to do that
Sorry, no. I really only mess with free programs. If I'm not mistaken there is a free professional light saber and video editing program out there, but I'm not sure of the name.
lsmaker is good, nice tut
yes this program is awsome. I would also try Poser. The name sucks but it's really great. Oh yeah Poser is not a lightsaber greater It is a 3-D character creater. Or CGI (Computer Graphic Imagry) I do have a problem though I want to make a hilt. My verry own hilt. I am kindda starting my next film and I would like to know?
Thanks :) I'll have to check out Poser. Are you wanting to build a hilt or making one in Poser? The only places I could think of that might show you is instructables, youtube, wonderhowto, or metacafe. If Poser is free, I'll try to play around with it and see what I can come up with.
I beleive its called "LSMaker". havn't tryed it but it's free!
does anyone know a software that is FREE where you don't have to do it frame by frame?
Sorry, but no. Light Saber Maker is free, a lot easier to use for making light sabers, and makes light sabers look more professional than WMM. It knocks using Gimp out, but you still have to go frame by frame. I'd still suggest trying that.
rofl at subliminal message
I thought so too lol. I think you are the third person who has noticed it. Thanks for watching :D
Wow. Is there a faster way to edit every frame? xD
You gave me an idea! you can use this for gun shots and super powers too!!
sorry for triple posting, but can you upload two images in gimp? I can't find out how, and I need two layers,each with one image. I can't find if you can cop/paste in image onto a layer, so it would be great if you could help. thanks!
There are a few ways to do it. You can make a paint brush of one thing out of one picture and paint it into the other (strongly suggest for the light saber), you can cut out a person of things using the paths tool and paste it back, you can erase the back ground of one picture and paste it over the other pic, the list goes on. The best advice I can give is to go to youtube and watch a lot of videos. Like I said, there are many different ways in doing certain things in gimp. By watching more then one tutorial you can find the way that will work the best for what you are wanting to do. I hope this helps
On my metacafe channel I showed how to do a gun shot effect. I never thought about trying to pull off a super power effect before. Good idea. Make the tutorial and send me a link. I'll be sure to watch it.
Anyone who uses WMM can be impressed by this. WMM is so basic, yet you've shown many different high-end effects and transitions that can be pulled off using it. I've seen a few of your other tutorials..really surprising and impressive stuff on them too (all things considered). Thanks for showing us this stuff!
Thanks for your comment. The best part about this tutorial, you can make the light sabers look as good as you want. Yeah, it might take more time, but all in all it would be worth it.
awesome didnt know that can be done on wmv
The effect takes a long time to pull off, but I think the work is worth the final result. Thanks for your comment
lol, nice
Thanks for your comment :)
I had to stop the vid frame by frame to see the message. Now the subliminal message has control over me. Can't... stop.... from rating.......fiiivve stars! ARRRGHH!!!
YES!! It worked! lol thanks for rating :)
10 seconds in it says rate high =] i just had to point that out lol<br/>
Saw that too. It was a pretty good idea.
lol You found the secret message, that I added. I was wondering when someone would catch that. :)

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