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Stretch fabric can be so versatile: from evening wear to lingerie it only takes a few steps. And isn't it fun when what you are wearing something matching under? If you like sewing stretch fabrics like I do, you'll probably end up having lots of little scraps of fabric. Amazing things can be done with them and lingerie is just the right project.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

You will need to have a sewing machine that can do at least a zigzag stitch; an overlock machine or serger is the best for sewing stretch fabrics with no worries of fraying and over-stretching.

Notions like pretty elastics are a must for such a project.

A ball point machine needle is helpful. Make sure you are using a thing needle and do a test seam first. With the test seam, look closely for fraying. Ball point needles are designed for knits and stretch fabrics like Lycra and cotton jersey. They have a rounded point rather than a sharp point that helps push in between the fabric yarns, rather than cutting through the yarns. This needle comes in sizes 9 to 16 and the larger the needle size, the more "rounded" the needle point is. Thinner needles do great on thinner fabrics.

I have a stash of different scalloped elastics in many colors.
I used black and lilac colors for this project, to bring out the colors in the fabric.
If your elastic does not match exactly, try finding a contrasting solid color, like black trim of a red fabric.
The clear elastic is also a good choice for non bulky seams.

Scissors, pins, pencil and paper, sewing thread...you get the point.
this is cool! there is definitely technology involved in lingerie: serious engineering required for all that structural support and defying of gravity...!
I like gravity
normally i don't like doing things myself but <a href="http://www.notjustyet.com">lingerie</a> i guess would be fun.
&nbsp;Thank you so much for this instructable, im working on making a thong from an old pair of&nbsp;under were, i will upload a picture once im done. Thanks again :)&nbsp;
...I wish I had breasts, just so I could have a reason to make this.
You don't need breasts; just someone in your life who has them. Looking forward to my next girlfriend...
Very cute and pretty, but I don't think its good for anyone bigger than a B cup. It won't give much support. There is some plastic boning that is cheap and you can pick it up at any sewing store that can be added to give support. Just make channels for it with some pretty grosgrain ribbon and your ready to go. End all, though, if you like the natural look, its perfect.
Jeannie thanks! Yes this is built more for comfort/sheerness than support. The plastic boning could be added, along with cups to create a push up bra.
I just read "boning" twice on a Instructable about making lingerie. This comment is not constructive at all.
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bone_(corsetry) boning] :) boning<br/>
Lingerie FTL Nude FTW
I think that this is just wonderful and so innovative! Good job! You can actually change the fabric if you want more support than comfort, but you'll have to sacrifice the daintiness of this thing though. Do u also do <a rel="nofollow" href="http://justbare.com">corsets</a>?<br/>
Hi good work let me know if you have more ideas i want to make one to Thanks girl
I don't know if this kind of a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.pamperedpassions.com/">Lingerie</a> is a good idea for those who are a bit too well endowed!!! I guess the fabric would tear. <br/><br/>
Looks like such a think fabulous fabric, you have great skills to sew delicate lingerie! Very professional!
Este foarte fain si ingenios:)
Multumesc! Thanks! P.S. Translation: Very nice and ingenious!
Ye! next to the flowers...maybe I will! Thanks for the tip! :)
you should put some blue LEDs in there
Would you not want some kind of gusset on the thong? L
ups, forgot to mention. The thong does have a little triangle of soft cotton jersey as underlining where the big triangle in the front meets the back triangle, just like the store bought panties, the cotton lining is caught inside the lateral seams.
I updated a little the instructions for the thongs.

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