Introduction: DIY Lipstick

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This DIY lipstick is made with thing that you have at home. It's very inexpensive and it's easy. It has none of that expensive oils that you can only get from soap goods or some other company.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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For this super easy DIY you will need...

-Chapstick(white, tan, and clear work best)

-crayons(any brand should work)

-vanilla/peppermint extract


-coconut oil

-olive oil

Step 2: Starting the Project

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Take the Chapstick out of the tube and put it in a measuring cup/Dixie cup( it's nice to store extra lipstick in the Dixie cup for later) put 3/4 of a crayon in with the Chapstick. Microwave the Chapstick and crayon for 2.5 minutes. If you are adding coconut oil this is a good time to do so.

Step 3: Storing the Lipstick

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Once the mixture is microwaved take the measuring cup/Dixie cup out of the microwave CAREFULLY I found it helps warping a towel around your hand or using an oven mit. Mix the mixture up with a plastic fork or chopstick. This is the time to add the sent/flavor to your lipstick. CAREFULLY pour the mixture into the empty tube of Chapstick.

Step 4: Finishing the Project

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Once the lipstick has dried( it doesn't take that long to) you will notice that there is a hole in the center. Use the extra lipstick that's in the Dixie cup to fill in that hole

Step 5: Packaging the Lipstick

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There are many different ways to package the lipstick. You can keep its original label, or you can use the crayon label. You can also just leave the tube blank. What I like to is take a piece of paper, measure it to fit the tube, decorate the tube, and put tape over it, and then glue it the the tube

Step 6: Please Vote, Like, and Comment

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I actually did make up the recipe. Sorry i got so mad about it. just edit your instruct able, give me proper credits, and that will me fine. Sorry about that

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I forgot. CREDITS TO- einstiwn123 I know that I'm not going to win the contest I'm just doing this for fun.

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I love this, I would totally make the weirdest colored lipsticks, like blue and green! haha

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