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Most of the liquid drink mixes have either sugar, which I have to watch, or aspartame. Seen a bunch of studies that show that aspartame is very bad, turns into formaldehyde in the body. So I decided to try and make my own. These liguid sweeteners also claim to be good, and safe for diabetics.

1 container liquid sugar substitute
10 packets Kool-Aid

Step 1:

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Carefully cut the label off and twist and pry the lid off.

Step 2:

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Add funnel. Figured out this didn't work to well. Next then will use a small Ziploc bag to mix in. 10 packets of Kool-Aid over flows the container. So use the funnel to pour the mixture back into the container. How many Kool-Aid packets you use depends on your tastes. Some might like a few more packets.

Step 3:

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Squeeze into a water bottle to taste.


wheeljam (author)2013-06-27

The liquid in the green container is sweetner

explosivemaker (author)2013-06-26

you didn't add the part about adding sweetener?

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