Introduction: DIY: Lithium 18650 Cells Charger by Using TP4056 Modules

This time I'll make a charger, which could charge 5 pcs of lithium ion 18650 cells at a time. Parts for this build cost only 5$ at ebay: 18650 battery holders and TP4056 charging modules.In video, I forgot to mention about power supply current. In my case - to power up 5pcs of TP4056, it's need a power supply witch could give minimum 5 amps of current.

Julian Ilett video about charging 18650 with TP4056

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edgleym (author)2017-04-23

Is there an items list, or something where I can learn about the wires and connectors? What kind of wire/connectors to use etc?

Gentleheart (author)2017-02-13

nice! What a coincidence that I have made exactly the same gadget for 4x 18650 batteries!

sergeike made it! (author)2016-12-25

Did it my way.

pepy made it! (author)2016-02-04

i made it...

i have 10 slots of 18650, and using my old PSU mod for supply the power. i measure the current are about 500ma, and i want to ask you how to supply 1A current for each slots....thanks...

Well Done Tips (author)pepy2016-02-16

check yours PSU specs, does it can supply 10A at one wire? if don't, split your charger power supply in two parts (2x5) and power each group with different PSU power lines.

pepy (author)Well Done Tips2016-10-23

ok....thanks for the tips dude.... ^_^

tutdude98 (author)pepy2016-02-23

You need to replace resistor with 1.2K (something like that) or something less if you want less current
Also it would be smart to use 2 wires for positive and 2 wires for negative

pepy (author)tutdude982016-10-23

thx dude.... :)

mspencer8 (author)pepy2016-06-01

are the battery holders were connected in series?

pepy (author)mspencer82016-10-23

no, the batteries connected individually with the tp4056 module. because i want max 1A each slot

Maker7274 (author)2016-03-11

If I made one of these but for 12 cell what kind of power supply would I need

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