DIY: Lithium 18650 Cells Charger by Using TP4056 Modules





Introduction: DIY: Lithium 18650 Cells Charger by Using TP4056 Modules

This time I'll make a charger, which could charge 5 pcs of lithium ion 18650 cells at a time. Parts for this build cost only 5$ at ebay: 18650 battery holders and TP4056 charging modules.In video, I forgot to mention about power supply current. In my case - to power up 5pcs of TP4056, it's need a power supply witch could give minimum 5 amps of current.

Julian Ilett video about charging 18650 with TP4056

Here is my Youtube channel , where you can find more interesting projects: Click here!

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Is there an items list, or something where I can learn about the wires and connectors? What kind of wire/connectors to use etc?

nice! What a coincidence that I have made exactly the same gadget for 4x 18650 batteries!

If I made one of these but for 12 cell what kind of power supply would I need