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Introduction: DIY Live Edge Clock

I love live edge furniture, but unfortunately not all can easily get access to raw slabs of live edge wood. Also if you need large circles of's not always possible unless you live next to a saw mill and they are very willing to cut it for you!

Well, I wanted a live edge coffee table, but first; I wanted to see if I can achieve the same look on regular hard wood planks...Hence my experiment on my Live Edge Clock :-)

Step 1: Materials

Square or circle hardwood . Mine was approximately 11" square.

Angle grinder with flap disk sander/ belt sander

Clock mechanism

Gold spray paint

12 rivets

Hanging hook

Wood stain and wood finish

Step 2: Cut and Sand

If your wood is square, draw a circle with a compass and cut away from the line. It doesn't have to be perfect :-).

First sand the top smooth. Now the fun begins! Grab your Angle grinder. Using a 60 grit flap disk sand the edges in a random way. Dig in sometimes and try to mimic the look of live edge wood.

The spoke of my clock mechanism wasn't long. So I hollowed out the back with the grinder. Drill out the hole for the clock.

Step 3: Stain, Spray and Steampunk!

Stain the clock. Make a template for the numbers. Place it on the clock and mark. Drill small holes the size of the rivets, so that the rivets will fit snugly.

For the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 I wanted the whole upper part of the rivet. For the rest I knocked out the rods. Spray the rivets and clock mechanism.

Cut the length of the rod so that a bit will stick out after you insert it into the hole. I think it looked real Steampunk! Don't you think so?

Step 4: Live Edge It Is

I love how it turned out and now I can get my very own live edge finish in anything I want! Yay!!

Please, if this helped you don't forget to vote! I would LOVE your vote( even if you are not interested in live edge ) I have dreams of the kreg jig my kids have dreams of the mini iPad ;-D.

Thanks for reading and I would LOVE to hear about any input from you. :-)



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I think it looks really steampunk, I love the color combo of the golden watch parts and the staining of the wood. It turned out really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the lovely compliment :)

I love sharing on instructables! It's one of my favorite sites :-)