Hi guys, this instructable is about how to make a plywood longboard with concave. I will make it by the simplest and cheapest way.

Almost all you need:

  • 3 layered plywood
  • Glue for wood
  • A big board (or bunch of small boards)
  • Yatch varnish
  • Acrylic paint (for painting)
  • Sand (for grip)
  • Set of trucks+wheels+bearings, i've got it here (Aliexpress)
  • Some instruments (saw, sandpaper, files, screws...)

You can watch my video with detail instructions about how to make this baby! And there is some test drive in the last part of the video.

Step 1: Concave

I will make a deck with concave – longitudinal bend. It makes the deck strongly and bouncy than flat deck.

nice build tutorial! I just started to make my own deck. https://youtu.be/yWeLAkTYFoY (build log)<br>I will try to make the best quality electric longboard under 400 $
<p>хорошая работа! Собираюсь повторить</p>
<p>почему только русские коменты то xD</p>
<p>вообще беспредел какой то</p>
<p>отлично получилось!</p>
я на тебя в ютубе подписан. ты красавчек
на какой из каналов?)

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