DIY Lush Inspired Lip Scub


Introduction: DIY Lush Inspired Lip Scub

Theses days, Lip Scrub is SOO expensive! In Lush, it's £4.90. All it's got in is caster sugar, jojoba oil, bubble gum flavouring!!! If you do the math, to home make it, it's only 56p!!! 20p for the sugar (Tesco), 34p for the jojoba oil (simply, and 2p for the flavouring (Windsorcakecrafts)! Unfortionally, many of us do not have jojoba oil, so we can use vanilla essence instead!! Or you can use your favourite essential oil!! Instead if using bubblegum flavouring, we can use pink food colouring!! Simple...

Step 1: Ingredients

Really, you can make up your own ingredient list. As long as it has caster sugar and an essence or oil in, it's perfect!! To jazz it up a little, you can easily add a few drops of food colouring!! I am using 2 tbs of sugar, half a tbs of vanilla essence and a few drops if food colouring BUT it's really up to you!!!

Step 2: How to Do It

Mix the sugar and vanilla together. Add a few drops of food colouring and store in a container! Give as a gift, or keep if for yourself!!! Enjoy!!!


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    I love this recipe! Can't wait to try it!!

    TIP: Put a small splash of olive oil in to make it keep its taste for longer!!

    I followed you doodledoos:)

    this is awesome!!