Hello guys, so i thought i want to be able to take macro pictures, but didnt want to buy lens or wait for delivery. So i found a clear plastic bottle and decided to make my own makro lense.

for this project you will need:

  • Clear plastic bottle
  • Hot glue
  • Water :D
  • scissors
  • And a marker pen

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

I suggest you to watch video, to better understand process of making this, as well as you can check my other projects on my youtube channel. :)


Step 2:

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First of all take plastic bottle, and on top of the bottle close to its neck, draw two circles of about an inch in diameter or smaller. i used bottles lid as a stencil. then cut these TWO discs out, try to make them identical or near to that. it will help you later.

Step 3:

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Next, put these two discs together so they are curved on the outside representing magnifying lens. Then using hot glue carefully seal edges around the lens. LEAVE a little gap to be able to pour water into it. Water will be simulating glass. to fill it with water simply place lens into a bowl or a sink of water and squeeze the lens so it fills up with water through that gap you left. once its full with water you can seal that gap with hot glue. and you just made a magnifying glass :)

Step 4:

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Now take the lid from the bottle and make a hole in it, big enough for your phones camera. Next Glue that lens you just made onto the lid. finally glue your new macro lens on your smartphones case onto where camera hole is. i suggest using silicone case so you can easily remove it whe you dont need it. Now put the case on your phone and open camera app. and start taking macro images on your smartphone :) if you liked this instructable, than please check out my youtube channel i upload every week cool projects like this and you will see it first if you subscribe. :)


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