Picture of DIY magnetic spice rack and spice containers
Storing your spices on the wall is a great way of freeing up precious cabinet space in a small kitchen. You can make your own DIY wall spice rack by using a cookie sheet or pizza pan with magnetic spice containers – the colorful spices will also doubles as artwork!

Step 1: Use an old pizza or cookie sheet

Picture of Use an old pizza or cookie sheet
This is a great project to give new life to an old pizza or cookie sheet. You can spray paint them but I like the look of the metal as is so I skipped this step. There's really nothing else to do, other than hang on the wall! 
dlhoefer29 days ago

Think I will try to use my refrigerator doors.

EYSpace (author)  dlhoefer29 days ago

Good idea!

KameronT11 months ago

where can I find a pizza tin with the holes like your picture

EYSpace (author)  KameronT11 months ago
I don't remember where I got it but you can find these at Walmart, or Target, or online!