I'm sharing with you how I made these cute leather clutch bags without sewing and gluing, so this kinda No sew and No glue clutch bag which you can easily make at home.

And with No glue, I'm referring to videos that claim to teach you No sew Clutch bag and end up gluing everything up which doesn't make sense at all. So I'm here with a technique that gives you nice durable clutch without sewing or gluing. Although you'll see in the video that I've used a pinch of ruwbber based glue hich is optional If you want to do it Even If you don't it's going to perfectly stay that way.


<p>I love it. It is really a simple design. Easy to work up. You could make a dozen in different colors to match any occasion. </p><p>Do you realize that the lacing you did on the sides is actually sewing?</p>
<p>Thankyou, I'm glad you like this. yea it kinda is but many of us don't have sewing machines so for that it's great way i think to make clutch without actually using sewing machine</p>

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