Framing a print, quote or even wrapping paper is the perfect way to add personality and style to a room. However if you are savvy like me in how you source your artwork, you have probably noticed that it’s often more expensive to frame the print than it was to buy it. For this reason I began making poster hangers from Tasmanian Oak, and now by following my simple video you can add a minimal, customised designer look to your artworks for less!

Step 1: What You Need


Tasmanian Oak

Finishing Strips

Paddle Pops

ChainThumb Tacks

Hot Glue Gun

Double Sided Tape

Hack Saw





Step 2:

Measure the size of your artwork and the size you would like your wood to be

Step 3:

Cut and sand your wood

Step 4:

Trim paddle pop sticks

Step 5:

Glue paddle pops to wood

Step 6:

Cut and attach chain with pins

Step 7:

Use double sided tape to attach your artwork

Step 8: AND You Are Done!!

Finished! For more in-depth instructions watch my video.

Simple and awesome!! Well done
Thanks so much xx

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